COVID-19 Tests are Available with an Order

UPDATE June 25, 2020: Your provider must order a test for you if you want to be swabbed at one of our labs. Otherwise, make an appointment with your provider to be swabbed in the clinic.

If you are experiencing any respiratory illness symptoms (cough, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath or discombobulation) visit your provider for a COVID-19 test as soon as possible.

Patients who are symptomatic for respiratory illness should seek care from their primary care providers, the Walk-In Clinic Clinton or in the Emergency Department (if experiencing a medical emergency).

Providers will schedule the patient for a visit (either in-person or via tele-health) and, if a COVID-19 test is advised, it will be ordered.

Patients will have their swab collected at their provider’s office, the walk-in clinic or the ED. Patients with an order from outside of the WhidbeyHealth system may have their swab collected at the Outpatient Laboratory at WhidbeyHealth Medical Center in Coupeville during normal business hours; no appointment is needed. (But your outside provider must order the test first.)

Patient’s having surgery at WhidbeyHealth will be directed by the pre-op nurse regarding the process for COVID-19 specimen collection.

Patients being swabbed at any clinic will be required to have an order from a WhidbeyHealth provider. Patients who receive an order for swab collection through a tele-health visit must schedule an appointment at the clinic for the swab collection.