From Scared to Eternally Grateful

“She is just totally different from any doctor I have ever met,” Campbell says.

“When I first heard that I had cancer I was scared,” says patient Patricia Campbell.

After a colonoscopy revealed cancerous lesions on her colon, the then California resident was dismayed by how her doctors talked to her.

“My doctor in California scared me. He wouldn’t talk to me. It was more like he was talking at me,” Campbell says.

Campbell’s daughter ( Tiffany Mecom of Oak Harbor) invited Campbell to come to Whidbey Island to live with her.

“That’s when I met Dr. Alberton,” Campbell says.

WhidbeyHealth general surgeon, Dr. Allison Alberton, managed to make Campbell feel comfortable by taking away her fears.

“She listened to me. She listened to what my worries were and answered everything I wanted to know. She was confident, which made me feel confident in what she was saying,” Campbell says.

Campbell says her severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) complicated treatment, but Dr. Alberton ordered preliminary check-ups with COPD experts, which cleared the way for surgery and made Campbell feel more at ease.

“She is just totally different from any doctor I have ever met,” Campbell says. “The day I came home from the hospital, she personally called me to tell me she got it all; she’s a genius. And that she took the time to call me at home was above and beyond. I’ve never had a doctor call me personally.”

“She is just simply amazing,” says Mecom. “I would say she was a gift from God. God has given her talents, which she uses so well. She even followed up again and suggested genetic testing for me and my daughter for prevention. She didn’t have to do that.”

“I think everyone should know when there are good doctors, because there are so many that aren’t,” says Campbell.

“She’s an angel. I just love her.”    


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 Allison Alberton, MD