New 3D Mammography Fortifies the Battle Against Breast Cancer

WhidbeyHealth offers patients the latest in mammography technology, boosting the fight against breast cancer.

New breakthrough mammography technology at WhidbeyHealth Medical Center is helping radiologists and technologists see breast cancer earlier, with greater accuracy and speed. 

WhidbeyHealth is among the first healthcare facilities in the U.S. to offer the Mammomat Revelation, a premium breast imaging platform that expands precision medicine, improves clinical outcomes, and delivers a more comfortable breast exam for women.

“When we find a lesion early, we make a crucial difference in our patients’ lives,” says WhidbeyHealth Radiology Medical Director Dr. Felix Nautsch.

“With this new mammography platform, the earliest detection of breast cancer is achievable and that’s the main goal for our patients.”

What is 3D mammography? It’s a revolutionary screening tool designed for early breast cancer detection. 3D mammography is an optional exam that is performed along with the conventional 2D mammogram. During the 3D part of the exam, the X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple images providing great-er detail for the radiologist. Studies suggest that with 3D:
• 42% more of invasive cancers are detected
• 29% more of all breast cancers are detected
• 15% decrease in patient call backs for additional imaging

Some of the advancements in this new 3D technology include faster results, more comfort for the patient and a more accurate assessment of the breast tissue.

Biopsy samples can be imaged and visualized at the technologist workstation within 20 seconds without radiation exposure to the patient. The system improves the biopsy workflow, shortens patient compression time, and improves the patient experience.

Mammomat Revelation is the industry’s first mammography platform to provide automated breast density measurements at the point of examination. Patients get results faster, minimizing patient uncertainty and stress.

This new technology also enables functional imaging directly on the mammography system. Since mammography systems are more widely available than MRI scanners, patient access to more specific breast imaging tools can be improved.

Finally, with the Mammomat Revelation’s “Personalized Soft Compression,” the breast compression process is softened and the compression force is automatically and individually adjusted. This makes the whole process more comfortable for each patient.

3D mammography is approved by the FDA and is covered by a number of insurance carriers. Some do not include 3D mammography as a covered benefit and may require you to pay for the 3D component of the exam or may consider payment for this part of the mammogram your responsibility, unless your deductible has been met. We will bill your insurance for the entire exam. If the 3D portion is not a covered benefit, you will be billed for the difference and offered a discounted rate of $100. That payment is $80 if you choose “prompt pay,” which means paying in full at the time of ser-

(Please note: You may receive an additional bill from Radia for 3D Mammography. Contact them at 888.927.8023 for more info.)