Patient Perspective

"I am writing now in order to recognize the truly excellent care I received."

Last fall I was an inpatient for several days at WhidbeyHealth Medical Center. I am writing now in order to recognize the truly excellent care I received.

I have been to the ER two times since then and everything went fine, then I hurt my knee and had trouble standing. I know this isn't a critical care issue but the pain was pretty convincing; so when my daughter got home from work at midnight on a Friday night, she drove me to the hospital. (I wish there were awards for outstanding offspring, but she settles for good food.) 

When we got to the ER, I was seen within three minutes of my arrival. The nursing staff was very quick and pleasant. I was settled in a gown with a warm blanket, all my vital signs were taken, my history was reviewed, and the nursing staff made sure both my daughter and I were comfortable. 

Paul K. Sunderland, MD arrived in less than 10 minutes. He was attentive, did a thorough review of my history and a thorough physical exam. He went ahead and ordered X-rays. He is the epitome of a good ER physician. He was quick, thorough, friendly, and made sure we understood what he was telling us. The radiology technician was also excellent and reiterated what the doctor had said. I was referred to my orthopedic doctor.

I want to mention that the ER doctor and the nurse were very attentive to my discomfort and after giving me some medication, the nurse followed up in about a half-hour to check on my pain level. I was discharged with good instruction, a prescription and was wished well by the desk staff.

So, once again, you scored a 10. Thank you for your outstanding care!