Pulmonary Rehab Turned Arlan's Life Around

Arlan Thuringer was “blowing up like a balloon” but didn’t know why.

“I was up to 204 pounds in July 2017 and at five foot seven inches, that’s not good,” Thuringer said.

Thuringer has had asthma all his life and after being treated for it at a regional asthma clinic, a doctor prescribed prednisone.

“I couldn’t figure out why I was gaining all this weight, so I took a look at the medications I was taking, did a little research and realized it was the prednisone that was making me fat.”

When Thuringer expressed his concerns about weight gain from the prednisone to the allergy clinic doctor he was frustrated by his reaction.

“I said look at me doc, I look like a blown up balloon! ‘Well, you want to breathe don’t you?’ That’s what he said to me,” Thuringer recalled.

He turned to his longtime primary care provider, PA-C Lauren Bock of WhidbeyHealth Primary Care Cabot Drive, who advised Thuringer to stop taking the prednisone and to enroll in the Pulmonary Rehab class at WhidbeyHealth Medical Center.

“I went to the class for three months and went from 204 down to 164 pounds in that time,” Thuringer said. “The nurses Kim, Mary and Kyrstie were great. They helped me in so many ways,” he added.

The class helped Thuringer gain control of his breathing and his weight by learning about breathing techniques, medication use and nutrition. He also attended a monitored exercise program that got him back in shape and improved this strength and endurance.

Days on the treadmill, step, stationary bike and rowing machines worked like a charm. He also appreciated learning more
about what really makes up a good diet.

“I enjoy eating, but I eat less now and eat more vegetables. I’ve learned to read labels for sodium, sugar and fat content. I never did any of that before,” Thuringer noted.

“I’m more active now. I’m not as sluggish as I was before and I even sleep better. I just feel better.”