Seeing with New Eyes

Quality care, close to home. That's what impressed Glenna Parsons. And now she has a whole new perspective.

Oak Harbor resident Glenna Parsons says she has a new lease on life thanks to Dr. Robert Johnson and her recent cataract surgery.

Parsons remembers being bullied so often as a child wearing “coke bottle” eyeglasses that by the time she was 13, she was determined to get contact lenses.

As a person diagnosed her entire life as legally blind, she never imagined she could be free of glasses and contacts, except for occasionally needing drugstore readers for her phone.

“I wish more people knew about this on-island surgery,” Parsons said. “I see the world in a whole new light. I didn’t know that colors could be that bright!”

Parsons was told she had cataracts by her optometrist, which led her to seek out the advice of Dr. Johnson of Island Eye Care in Freeland, who confirmed the cataract diagnosis.

At that time, a number of surgical options were discussed. Parsons became excited when she heard about an option of reducing her need for glasses with a multi-focal lens. After reviewing her options and measurements with Dr. Johnson, he confirmed that she would indeed be a candidate for multi-focal lenses.

“I was sold,” Parsons says. “Not only did I have cataracts and bad eyesight, I also had a heavy astigmatism. I was legally blind before I had the laser-assisted surgery. Now I feel like I’ve been re-born.”

The multi-focal IOL (Intra Ocular Lens) is a type of lens which provides a continuous range of vision — from near to far and all points in between. This is considered when patients want to reduce the frequency of wearing glasses. The Femtosecond Laser is used to correct astigmatism and to ensure a perfectly round, perfectly centered and perfectly-sized opening in the lens capsule for the best visual outcome.

Parsons’ surgery was performed at WhidbeyHealth Medical Center as an outpatient procedure. She spent about one hour at the hospital, including procedure recovery time.

“My surgery went very smoothly and I was pleased with the care provided by the WhidbeyHealth team. Everyone was just great, and the best part was I didn’t have to leave the island!”

To learn more, call Island Eye Care and Robert Johnson, MD at 360.240.2020 or 360.321.6662.


Pictured above: Leslie Jackson undergoes cataract surgery by Dr. Robert Johnson
at WhidbeyHealth Medical Center.