Patient Financial Services

We're here to help you understand your bill and to assist you with making payments easily.

Our Patient Financial Services Team is Here to Help

Whenever possible, contact your insurance company prior to seeking medical care.
Ask your insurance company to:

  • Verify whether pre-authorization is needed for the service you are to receive and whether authorization has been obtained by the service provider.
  • Confirm your co-payment responsibility. Some services, such as Rehabilitation, may require a co-payment for each visit.
  • Confirm that WhidbeyHealth Medical Center is a participating provider for your plan. This can make a difference in how the insurance company pays your bill. WhidbeyHealth is a Preferred Provider for many insurance companies.
  • Remember... whenever you have a life-threatening emergency, you should seek appropriate care immediately. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the emergency.


Pay Your Bill Online

Patient Financial Services
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 What will my service cost?

We welcome your request for a price estimate related to your upcoming treatment at WhidbeyHealth. Call the number above to speak to a member of our Patient Financial Services team, who will provide an estimate based on your services and your health insurance provider, including the specifics of your coverage plan.

Here are some helpful tips on Healthcare Finances:


WhidbeyHealth Currently Accepts These Insurance Providers (click on link) 

Apply for Apple Health or another plan through Washington Health Plan Finder.

Washington Health Plan Finder has introduced a new app to make managing your coverage easier. Check out this link to download it today!

Apply for Financial Assistance/Charity Care Policy

Whidbey Health is committed to ensuring our patients get the hospital care they need regardless of ability to pay for that care. You may qualify for free or discounted care based on family size and income, even if you have health insurance. When possible, we encourage you to ask for financial help before receiving medical treatment.

What Is Covered? For emergency and other appropriate hospital-based services, we provide free care and financial assistance/charity care to eligible patients on a sliding-scale basis, with discounts ranging from 40 to 100 percent.   

How to Apply: Any patient may apply to receive financial assistance/charity care by submitting an application and providing supporting documentation.

If English is Not Your First Language: Chinese; RussianSpanishKhmerKoreanVietnameseLaotian.

Coverage assistance: You may be eligible for other government and community programs. We can help you learn whether these programs including Medicaid/Apple Health can help cover your medical bills. We can help you apply for these programs.

Payment plans: Any balance for amounts owed by you is due within 30 days. The balance can be paid in any of the following ways: Credit card, payment plan, cash, check or online bill pay. If you need a payment plan, please call the number on your billing statement.

Emergency Care: WhidbeyHealth Medical Center has a dedicated emergency department and provides care for emergency medical conditions (as defined by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act) without discrimination consistent with available capabilities, without regard to whether or not a patient has the ability to pay or is eligible for financial assistance.