Spiritual Care and Quiet Room

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone to talk to when times are tough.

Volunteer Chaplains

Volunteer chaplains at WhidbeyHealth are available throughout the day to offer a compassionate ear or perhaps a prayer to those who request it.

Although WhidbeyHealth is a publicly-owned institution and has no religious affiliation, volunteer chaplains are available to all patients, family members, visitors and staff.

The chaplain’s spiritual presence can be a balm to patients and their families, who may be comforted by prayer, or by just having someone to talk to and who respects each individual’s religion or their choice of no religion.

If appropriate, a chaplain may pray with or for a patient; if not, they are there as added support. Chaplains never impose their own beliefs on patients and offer no religious literature, except upon request.

WhidbeyHealth chaplains are available seven days a week, typically during daytime hours.

To learn more about our volunteer chaplain program, call 360.678.7656, ext. 3246 or 360.321.7656, ext. 3246.


Quiet Room

A quiet room at WhidbeyHealth Medical Center is available to our patients, family members and friends any time of the day or night. Please use this quiet space as a place to meet, reflect, pray, meditate, grieve or just be.

The door to the quiet room is a few steps to your left near the piano as you come in the main entrance of WhidbeyHealth Medical Center.