Request Medical Records

Your medical records are available from the Medical Records Department on the ground floor of the medical center if that is where you were a patient, or at any of the clinics at which you were a patient.

Release of Medical Records

  • Download the Release of Information form.

  • Please return your signed and completed form to the Medical Records Department (Health Information Management).

  • There may be a fee for the release of medical records.

  • If you are a patient at one of our clinics and need your medical records, please contact the clinic directly.

  • The turn-around time to receive your medical records is approximately two weeks.

If you would like help filling out your Release of Information form,
please call Health Information Management.
360.678.7656, ext. 4204 or 360.321.7656, ext. 4204
Hospital Records ONLY Fax: 360.678.7623

For copies of Diagnostic Imaging films to be made/sent to your provider, please call the
Diagnostic Imaging film room directly at  360.678.7656 ext. 3422


The main medical records fax line is for HOSPITAL RECORDS ONLY. To request Primary Care records, please FAX the request to that office:

WhidbeyHealth Primary Care Cabot Drive, Fax: 360.679.2631 (Cabot Dr. Radiology FAX:  360.240.8350)
WhidbeyHealth Primary Care Goldie Street, Fax: 360.675.1440
WhidbeyHealth Primary Care Freeland, Fax: 360.331.2104
WhidbeyHealth Primary Care Coupeville, Fax: 360.678.9244