Disaster Preparedness

In the event of an incident with mass casualties, weather-related emergency or a major disaster in our community, WhidbeyHealth Medical Center will offer real time/current information and action plans on this website.

Whidbey Island Disaster Information in Real Time

For example, if a major school bus accident with multiple injuries occurred, the medical center would be flooded with calls from concerned family members, and our lobby and parking lot would be inundated with cars and people. This could detract from our ability to focus on direct patient care.

During such an event, a school or church might be designated as a meeting place where resources are coordinated and information is provided to family members and the general public. This website will provide this and other vital information.


The most important thing in disaster preparedness is PREPARATION. Use the links below to learn more about weather advisories, disaster planning and preparing for an emergency.

To get involved with community disaster preparedness, contact the following organizations: