Medical Oversight

Paramedics and EMTs act under the authority and licensure of a Medical Program Director (MPD), who ensures that EMS care falls within a predetermined scope of practice, and follows nationally accepted protocols and standards.

Washington state law permits paramedics and EMTs working under an MPD to provide life-sustaining emergency medical treatment in a pre-hospital setting.

Since 1985, the WhidbeyHealth Medical Program Director has been surgeon Dr. Paul Zaveruha (pictured) who was a major force behind developing emergency pre-hospital care and ambulance service on the island.

“Doc Z” works closely with paramedics and EMTs and participates in ongoing training, protocol development and monthly ambulance run reviews.

The MPD is available around the clock for real-time medical consultation with paramedics and EMTs in the field to assure continuity and coordination of care with emergency department physicians and nurses.

The MPD also coordinates patient care with regional specialists at major trauma centers and authorizes Airlift Northwest helicopter evacuation from WhidbeyHealth Medical Center or directly from the field if necessary.

EMS Management and Staff

WhidbeyHealth EMS is led by Roger Meyers (pictured), who was one of Whidbey Island’s first paramedics in 1980 and who has managed EMS since 1990.

EMS management is located in the shared WhidbeyHealth-Central Whidbey Fire Department building, located in the northeast corner of the parking lot in front of the medical center. This facility also houses clerical staff, the Medical Program Director and lead paramedic offices.

EMS communicates with stations around the island, informing staff of any change or development that affects patient care or emergency response.

We consider everyone we come into contact with a customer, and are happy to get feedback on our service. Please call 360-914-3175 with questions or comments about WhidbeyHealth EMS.