Family Birthplace

Providing care for your baby.


The WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace team is always here, ready to make your birthplace experience the very best it can be with top-notch skills and plenty of smiles.

Members of our WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace team, pictured above, include Patricia Stevens CNA; Lorijean Spear RN; Jackie Bassett RN, Family Birthplace Manager; Cassandra Pendergrass CNA; Mary Sasso-Rotundo RN; Bruce Waite MD, OB/GYN; Erin Martin RN; Kim Glodowski RN; Hilde Mott RN; Bob Wagner MD, Pediatrician.

We provide comprehensive patient centered care from the time you arrive to the delivery of your baby and throughout the postpartum period. We strive to make this a memorable and safe experience for you and your family and are equipped with doctors and midwives trained to make this happen.

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Childbirth Education Classes

Car Seat Safety Checks

Child and Babysitting Safety Class


Listed below you will find the names of our remarkable group of providers.

Our Obstetricians and Certified Nurse Midwives
James Giem, MD, FACOG
Alicia Darr, CNM, ARNP
Meghan McSorley, MD
   Hallie Granville, CNM, ARNP

Our Pediatric Partners at Pediatrics of Whidbey Island (PAWI)
Robert Wagner, MD, FAAP 

Amy Garrett, MD
Michele Gasper, MD
John Beumer, MD


We are proud to hold deep roots in our community as the foundation for this hospital originally formed from the need to help safely deliver babies. We understand the unique population of families that Whidbey Island supports and are so excited you are choosing to welcome your baby to the world on Whidbey Island.

Our unit has beautiful and spacious rooms that provide you with the comfort of home in a hospital setting. During your stay you may enjoy your time in our two-person, jetted Jacuzzi tub and you will have access to your own personal fridge equipped in each patient room. Our rooms contain a couch that has the luxury of turning into a sleeping bed for your support person.

We are extremely proud to be a part of this experience for you and your family. Our providers, nurses, and staff strive to make this your own individual experience.


To schedule a tour of the Family Birthplace,
please call Central Scheduling Services:



If you have any questions, please call the Family Birthplace at

360.678.7656 or 360.321.7656, ext. 2145