Family Birthplace

The brand new WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace provides a state-of-the art environment, where a mother can labor, deliver and recover in the same bed in a private room.

Our brand new, spacious, private suites are furnished with state-of-the-art medical equipment sometimes needed to support childbirth.

  • The birthing beds are specifically designed to help mothers choose positions of comfort during labor and delivery.
  • A jetted tub is available to ease the mother's labor discomfort.
  • In this peaceful setting, the family may experience a rewarding and dignified childbirth with the security of knowing that if an emergency should arise, it will be handled swiftly and competently.
  • Moms receive breastfeeding support, and a phone follow-up by a registered nurse.

The WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace team is always here, ready to make your birthplace experience the very best it can be with top-notch skills and plenty of smiles.

Midwifery Care is available at WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace.

The experienced medical team that will support your pregnancy and delivery includes:

Learn more about our providers here:
James Giem, MD, FACOG
Alicia Darr, CNM, ARNP

Childbirth Education Classes are also available here.

CABS Babysitting Classes for Teens and Young Parents

Car-seat Safety Classes

"Just spent a wonderful week at WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace birthing and recovering with my beautiful daughter. The staff was absolutely incredible and the birthing rooms were more like a resort or a nice hotel suite.
I loved the nurses and cried when I had to leave!”

─ Family Birthplace Parent