Midwifery Care at WhidbeyHealth

A woman opting for a midwifery birth plan will spend more time in appointments learning about topics such as nutrition, the progression of pregnancy and what to expect during labor. Lactation services are also available at WhidbeyHealth.

We are happy to announce that, in addition to Certified Nurse Midwife Alicia Darr, who joined the team in 2016, we also welcomed Morghan Milagrosa, CNM in August at WhidbeyHealth Women’s Care and WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace in Coupeville.

With four skilled obstetrician/gynecologists and two midwives, WhidbeyHealth Women's Care provides expectant mothers on the island with a variety of options for giving birth.


A Team Approach

WhidbeyHealth Women's Care practices team obstetrics, which means that a woman may see either a OB/GYN or a CNM for prenatal care. The office staff, labor and deliveries nurses and physicians all work very closely together to provide the best care for a woman and her family.

A woman opting for a midwifery birth plan with Darr will spend more time in appointments learning about topics such as nutrition, the progression of pregnancy and what to expect during labor.

“Women sometimes prefer to work with a midwife, but want comprehensive care available in case complications arise” says WhidbeyHealth's Quality and Transformation Officer Linda Gipson, RN, PhD, 

“Alicia provides a more natural approach in an environment of safety. It really is the best of both worlds.”

Women can experience a midwife’s natural approach to childbirth and deliver in a comfortable setting with immediate access to specialized medical care should the need arise.

About 95 percent of Certified Nurse Midwife-attended births in 2014 occurred in hospitals.
─ American College of Nurse Midwives


Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) view pregnancy and birth as normal life events and use medical procedures only when there is a specific concern for the health of the mother or baby.

Providing midwifery care is consistent with the trend toward reducing unnecessary medical intervention in childbirth. WhidbeyHealth Medical Center is one of 17 hospitals in the state participating in Leading Edge Advanced Practice Topics, a Washington State Hospital Association initiative that seeks to “ensure safe deliveries and healthy babies.”

Not only are CNMs skilled in prenatal care, labor and postpartum care with a particular emphasis on breastfeeding, but they also provide a full range of women’s healthcare needs. Darr provides routine gynecologic care, such as check-ups and well-woman exams. She assists with family planning, adolescent reproductive health concerns and peri-menopausal and menopausal care.

Midwives provide careful education, support and monitoring through pregnancy and birth. However, sometimes problems occur that require procedures during pregnancy or childbirth. If this happens, CNMs have the education and skill to prescribe pain medication such as epidurals, induce labor or to bring in another member of the healthcare team if needed. Unlike some hospitals, the WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace has a board-certified obstetrician on call 24/7.


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