The WhidbeyHealth Wire 5

Annual Hospital Accreditation Awarded

February 7, 2023

In November 2022, healthcare evaluators from DNV conducted a no-notice survey by the national accreditation agency. WhidbeyHealth was proud to have earned high marks in their formal assessment.

Accreditation is a formal process of self-assessment followed by review and validation from an external organization. Surveyors evaluate a hospital’s level of performance as compared to established national standards, which sets the stage for systematic continuous improvement and excellent quality of care.

Led by Executive Director of Quality & Compliance, Shanna Harney-Bates, we successfully completed reaccreditation with very few suggested changes. These ‘surveys’ involve an on-site review by the accreditation organization (DNV) which is used by most hospitals in Washington State. While the accreditation is voluntary, we requested the accreditation as part of our commitment to deliver exceptional healthcare and maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

At the close of the survey, WhidbeyHealth was found to have four minor findings that needed improvement. What were those findings? Adjustments were needed in how we monitor exhaust hoods in our kitchen, additional emergency lighting tests, documented educational training, and process improvement for provider orders.

Our surveyors conveyed an overwhelming number of compliments to share about their experiences and interactions with our employees, providers and Board of Commissioners.

WhidbeyHealth’s next survey is expected sometime in the fall of 2023. We are committed to providing highly reliable healthcare throughout our Whidbey Island community, and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our progress in achieving recognition for all the dedication and hard work to attain this recognition.