WhidbeyHealth is the operating arm of the Whidbey Island Hospital District, founded at our opening in 1951.

This means that WhidbeyHealth is owned by our community.

Oversight of WhidbeyHealth is the responsibility of five publicly elected Commissioners much like other special districts on our island such as the Port of South Whidbey.

Each month we'll be sharing information and insights from one of the commissioners regarding their role and their perspectives on current topics of interest to the community. These articles will be posted here and will be included in the monthly PULSE.

Grethe Cammermyer
Dr. Grethe Cammermyer,

We spoke with Dr. Cammermyer and asked about the role of a Commissioner. She explained that the role of a Commissioner goes far beyond the monthly Board meetings which are now held online.

Each of the commissioners work on multiple committees and each have a simultaneous role in addressing short-term and more long-term opportunities to expand WhidbeyHealth presence for today and the future. There is a synchronicity between the Board of Commissioners and the current WhidbeyHealth Medical Center Administration that is unique, fostering trust, mutual respect and delight as we envision moving forward beyond the Pandemic.

“Really,” she continued “the role of the Board is to support WhidbeyHealth for the good of the community. Part of the job is to act as a liaison between the hospital and the community, to make sure that questions and concerns by residents are heard. It is also important to convey factual information to help everyone understand the complex challenges.”

Exciting times are ahead as we move forward to expand our capacity, services, and consolidate resources to be the best stewards we can be.”

April 2021

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