WhidbeyHealth Emergency Services During Island-Wide Power Outage

November 13, 2020:

We want to assure everyone that our complete emergency and trauma services are available without interruption during the power outage. Anyone who has sustained a serious injury or is seriously ill with symptoms like shortness of breath or chest pain should immediately call 911. Our Paramedics are in full operation and ready to help.

High winds have created outages throughout the island and have also affected traffic control. Please be careful if you must be out on our roadways.

Community Update

November 13, 2020:

WhidbeyHealth has received an increase of COVID-19 testing requests through our advance registration hotline. With the rise of positive COVID-19 cases throughout our County, we want to make sure our community receives the testing they need, information about quarantine, and our recommendations to avoid exposure during the holiday season.

When COVID-19 positivity rates increase in Island County we understand and anticipate that the number of requested test will also increase. At WhidbeyHealth we want to ensure your health, safety and peace of mind during this challenging time. We continue to offer outpatient drive-thru COVID-19 testing at three (3) locations (Clinton, Coupeville, and Oak Harbor) Monday – Friday. Below is information about exposure and when you should seek testing: 

Close Contact Exposure: is identified as exposure to a COVID-19 positive person within a 6 foot distance for a total of 15 minutes without a proper mask being worn. The exposure timeline begins two (2) days before the COVID-19 positive person is showing any symptoms or they receive a positive test result.

Effective COVID-19 Quarantine Process:

  • COVID-19 positive persons are placed on quarantine for 10 days since the onset of symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test result.
  • The final decision for quarantine duration is made by Island County Department of Health.
  • It is critical for your safety and the safety of our community, if you are placed on quarantine, and receive a negative test result, that you maintain quarantine for the full duration of the requested time. Testing only captures your state of health at the time of the test – so negative test quarantines are just as important to follow as positive test quarantines. 

General COVID-19 Testing:

  • If you have been in contact with a known COVID-19 positive person, testing is not recommended until you are symptomatic or at least five (5) days have passed since your potential exposure.
  • Using contact tracing, determined by Island County Department of Health, a close contact person will be recommended for testing, and be placed on quarantine for 14 days.
  • If it is suspected that you may be COVID-19 positive you may be placed on isolation instead of quarantine. If this is the case, Island County Department of Health will determine the time frame of your isolation and a case will be opened for further investigation.

The safety of our patient, employees, and community are paramount to everything we do at WhidbeyHealth. We will continue to perform tests and recommended testing for any potentially exposed persons. In effort to continue to provide our community with prompt testing we ask that you contact us on our Registration Hotline: (360) 240-4055.

A provider order is not needed to access drive-thru testing. The registration hotline is available weekdays from 7:00am – 5:00pm to arrange for your testing appointment. Drive-thru testing is a good option if you are mildly ill, have had a potential exposure, or are seeking testing before a procedure. Testing is also available at our Walk-In Clinics in Clinton and Oak Harbor, as well as in our Emergency Department; however our Walk-In Clinics and Emergency Department should be used for patients experiencing symptoms that they are unable to manage at home.

If you have received a testing order from your Provider, your Provider will send it to us and we will contact you to arrange for a testing appointment time.

Holiday Season Safety Recommendations:

With the Holiday Season upon us, it is critical for our community to remember all state and county public health advisory details to avoid COVID-19 exposure and transmission. Following these guidelines will help slow the spread of COVID-19 as most of the spread is directly linked to social gatherings and lack of face covers.

  • Wear an appropriate face cover.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Avoid crowds (including non-household holiday gatherings).
  • Limit travel outside of Island County.


More information about coronavirus and COVID-19 is available online:

  • Island County Public Health:


  • Washington State Department of Health:



Stay connected with us for current information at facebook.com/whidbeyhealth or on our website at whidbeyhealth.org.


Community Update: Annual WhidbeyHealth Trick or Treating Festivities

October 13, 2020

WhidbeyHealth Medical Center is disappointed to announce that our annual Halloween Trick or Treating event will not be taking place this year. With the recent increase in COVID cases in Island County, the Trick or Treating event unfortunately does not present options for acceptable practices and controllable social distancing throughout the event. Out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of all our event participants, organizers, and fellow community members, we are cancelling the event this year.

WhidbeyHealth is grateful for the community support with this decision. We recognize that this event has grown in popularity and participation over the years and we are looking forward to resuming the Medical Center Trick or Treating festivities next year.

The health and safety of our community, patients, and staff are paramount to everything we do. We wish you all a very happy and festive Halloween 2020.

For additional information regarding Halloween Safety Tips during COVID: CLICK HERE.