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If you or your loved ones are experiencing a non-life-threatening health concern, review our frequently asked questions about Clinton Walk-in Clinic.
Yes. Patients will be seen until the closing and not be turned away. Patients may consider calling the clinic ahead of time to see if there is any wait time
Initially no, but we may have this in the future.
The off hour scheduled appointments in the other clinics are for new and or established WhidbeyHealth patients. The Walk-in Clinic is for any patient, there is not a scheduled appointment time and is open 365 days/year barring any unforeseen issues.
WhidbeyHealth communicates important health information including your lab & radiology results on MyWhidbeyHealth Patient Portal. If you are not seeing one of our Primary Care Providers, you can access the Hospital Services portal and obtain your results once they have been finalized. If you do see one of our Primary Care Provider, these are immediately available to your PCP.
We accept most insurance companies however, you are always welcome to call the clinic just to make sure
Patients are seen in order of arrival.However, if a patient comes in with a more urgent situation, then that patient may need to be seen first. As a team, our goal is to minimize wait times as much as possible and will be monitoring these times very closely. We know your time is precious and your care is very important to us. Please note that when coming to the Clinton Walk-in Clinic, we will have the ability to do your labs and radiology services on-site. This too should help deliver the most efficient care possible.
At the time of your discharge from the clinic, your Urgent Care Provider will work with you on whether you need to follow-up with your PCP. If you see a WhidbeyHealth PCP, we will strive to schedule your appointment before you leave. If you do not see one of our PCPs, we may recommend you come back to the Walk-in Clinic or for you to contact your PCP for follow-up.
Our Walk-in Clinic will have access to your medical information if you have been seen in one of our clinics or if you have previously been seen in our hospital. If we have not seen you within the organization, you clinic health team will obtain a current health history, medication, allergies and a list of your most current problems.
Clinton Walk-in Clinic is for non-emergent and cost-effective alternative to visiting the emergency room and is significantly less expensive than the ER. We welcome individuals of all ages who can't be seen by their primary care physicians, yet don't feel they require hospital emergency services.
Please bring your insurance card, driver's license or photo ID and any important medical information including a current list of your medications, strengths and frequency in which you take these.
Nationally, the average wait time to make an appointment with a primary care physician exceeds 20 days. Patients with everyday medical issues are faced with two options: wait for that appointment, or make an unnecessary, costly visit to the ER. The average Emergency Room visit lasts approximately 212 minutes. The goal of Clinton Walk-in Clinic is care within one hour or less, and is a fraction of the cost of the ER.
If your insurance plan requires a co-payment, you can make that at the time of your visit with personal check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.
You may be treated and discharged shortly after being examined. If prescriptions are required, these will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.
Yes, we anticipate no changes to the clinic hours on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. If you are uncertain, we encourage you to call the Walk-in Clinic prior to leaving your home.
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