Community Guidance: Have COVID-19 symptoms? Call our Walk-In Clinics or Emergency Department


In our continued efforts to ensure the safest possible environment for our patients and employees, WhidbeyHealth must ask our community to call before arriving for care if you are experiencing any upper-respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms. Additionally we must ask that all of our patients be forthcoming and disclose when they are experiencing symptoms of this nature.

While no patients or employees have been negatively impacted, WhidbeyHealth has noticed a trend of patients not disclosing their symptoms upon arrival to our Primary Care Clinics, only to let their provider know once they are in the office being seen. For clarity, we are seeing patients with upper-respiratory and potential COVID-19 symptoms at our Walk-In Clinics in Clinton and Oak Harbor, as well as in our Emergency Department. To ensure the continued safety of our patients and staff, please call ahead and properly disclose any symptoms you may have as a reason for your visit.

Walk-In Clinic Clinton: 360.341.5252

Walk-In Clinic Oak Harbor: 360.679.5590

Emergency Department: 360.678.5151