Community Update 1.13.2021


(UPDATED at 10:45am)

Our Primary Care Clinic at Cabot Drive (Oak Harbor) and our Walk-In Clinic and Outpatient Services at Goldie Street (Oak Harbor) will open at 12:00pm today. Due to continued power outages on the south-end of the island, our Primary Care Clinic (Freeland) and our Walk-In Clinic (Clinton) will be closed for business today.


Due to the island-wide power outage, WhidbeyHealth Primary Care, Specialty Care, and Walk-In Clinics will open to serve our patients at 12:00pm today, unless the current power outage continues. WhidbeyHealth will keep our community notified if our Primary Care, Specialty Care and Walk-In Clinics remain closed beyond that time.

We want to assure everyone that our complete emergency and trauma services are available without interruption during the power outage. Anyone who has sustained a serious injury or is seriously ill with symptoms like shortness of breath or chest pain should immediately call 911. Our Paramedics are in full operation and are ready to help.

High winds have created outages throughout the island and have also affected traffic control. Please be careful if you must be out on our roadways.