COVID-19 Update: Vaccination to Tier B1


This is part of a series of updates for the community regarding vaccinations for COVID-19.

“We are eager to vaccinate our community and continue to meet daily with our County Health Jurisdiction as well as State Department of Health to allow us to effectively plan and prepare for additional vaccine efforts,” Erin Wooley, Chief Nursing Officer. “We will continue to provide the latest updates as we receive them and hope to provide clarity to a regularly changing and evolving process, to our community.”

WhidbeyHealth is pleased to announce that in accordance with Island County Department of Public Health (ICPH) and WA Department of Health (DOH) we will begin to administer COVID-19 vaccine to Phase 1 Tier B1.

  • We will continue to schedule and vaccinate first and second doses to Phase 1 Tier A1 & A2.
  • Effective immediately we will begin scheduling and vaccinating first doses to Phase 1 Tier B1.
  • WhidbeyHealth is continuing to refine our Vaccine Clinic processes to ensure the most efficient and effective mass-vaccination efforts possible.
    • Please do not call WhidbeyHealth’s COVID-19 Testing Hotline to request information about vaccine administration or your Phased vaccine group.
    • Please do not call WhidbeyHealth Medical Center or our Primary Care/Specialty Care clinics to request information.
    • WhidbeyHealth will publish and communicate widely as new information becomes available or changes.
  • Any questions should be directed to Island County Public Health’s COVID-19 Call Center: 360.678.2301 or email:

To schedule check your eligibility and register for your vaccine:

For additional information about the phased approach: Click Here

For ICPH’s most recent Press Release on the vaccine progression: Click Here


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