COVID-19 Update: Vaccine Supply Delivery delays

1.27.2021 @ 11:00am

This is a continuation in a series of updates for the community regarding vaccinations for COVID-19. 

As an ‘open’ vaccination provider for Island County, WhidbeyHealth has been made aware that we are unlikely to receive regular, reliable allocations of vaccine from our State Department of Health. Because of this, WhidbeyHealth is in the unfortunate position of needing to reconfigure our established Vaccine Clinic schedule based on these inconsistent allocations. We strive to provide fair and equitable ways of accessing COVID-19 vaccine in Island County, while continuing to participate in the State’s Phased Allocation Plan.


Effective Friday, 1.29.2021:

  • ALL scheduled persons who have signed up with WhidbeyHealth to receive their first dose vaccine to date will have their appointments cancelled. This applies to the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.
  • To avoid any further appointment cancellations, we will re-open our scheduling tool with space available ONLY for the amount of vaccine doses that we have on hand – both first and second doses. As we receive additional vaccine doses we will add additional space in our schedule.
    • If you are part of the current Phase/Tier groups allowed to be vaccinated under State guidance, please check in with our scheduling tool often as additional vaccination appointment spaces may have opened up.
    • To get access to our scheduling tool and check availability of vaccine at WhidbeyHealth, please visit If you are able to register for an appointment, please bring with you:
      • Screenshot or Print Out of your eligibility confirmation from, along with a valid ID.


Effective Friday, 2.12.2021:

  • ALL scheduled persons who have signed up with WhidbeyHealth to receive their second dose of Pfizer BioNTech vaccine will have their appointments cancelled.
    • When/if scheduling becomes available for Pfizer second doses at WhidbeyHealth, scheduling will resume. If additional doses of Pfizer are not allocated to WhidbeyHealth the patient may select an alternative vaccination site using the Pfizer vaccine to receive their second dose.


Moving forward our Vaccine Clinic will be re-opened for scheduling to anyone in an applicable Phase/Tier population may register or re-register to have your vaccine administered. We will have our schedule re-opened ONLY with enough appointments available based on the amount of vaccine that has been delivered. As more vaccine is received, we will add additional appointment slots.

Once our scheduling tool is re-opened, you will need to re-book your first dose appointment. When our schedule has been filled based on the number of vaccine doses we have on hand, it will remain full until we receive additional vaccine doses and can open additional spaces. This practice will continue throughout the Phase/Tier vaccination efforts until vaccine allocations have stabilized.

WhidbeyHealth is incredibly disappointed to be in this position. We remain committed in our support of the State’s effort to get as many vaccinated as quickly as is safely possible. We also welcome the State’s new efforts to bring in additional partners and to stand up its own mass vaccination efforts. We know vaccinating Washington’s population will take many organizations building on the successful efforts already underway. However, we believe the reallocation of vaccines away from hospitals and clinics with thousands of appointments already scheduled is short-sighted and harmful to the public’s trust in Washington State’s vaccine distribution system. Reallocation of vaccine also raises concerning questions about equity. We are hearing from our most vulnerable community members they may not be able to travel to a mass vaccination clinic or other barriers to receiving the vaccine. We are letting our Island County community know today about these upcoming appointment cancellations and new processes for obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine. We understand and sympathize with our community, and again ask for your patience as we have to make required adjustments to our processes to ensure safety and efficiency in those who come to our Vaccine Clinic. We are eager to vaccinate our community against COVID-19.


Stay connected with us for current information at or here on our website.