Community Update 11.5.2021: COVID-19 Testing at WhidbeyHealth

Community Update 11.5.2021: COVID-19 Testing at WhidbeyHealth




Due to the widespread availability of COVID-19 testing available on the island and the sharp decrease in demand at WhidbeyHealth for coronavirus testing appointments, WhidbeyHealth will cease operating its schedule or drive-up polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing on November 12, 2021.

Those in the community in need of elective PCR testing, pre-procedurally or for travel, should seek testing at a local pharmacy or with their prescribing provider. WhidbeyHealth will continue to administer PCR testing as a medical necessity for symptomatic patients at our Emergency Department and Walk-In Clinics. To ensure the continued safety of our patients and staff, if you are a patient experiencing upper-respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms, WhidbeyHealth asks that you call ahead and properly disclose any symptoms as a reason for your visit.

We have made significant strides in the fight against the pandemic, but it is not behind us yet. With widespread vaccination available for authorized persons 5 years and older, WhidbeyHealth continues to strongly encourage everyone to be vaccinated. Additionally, continue to protect yourself and your community by masking when required, maintain distance, and practice great hand hygiene.