Community Update 12.17.2020

This is a continuation in a series of updates for the community regarding vaccination for COVID-19.

“Everything about the response to the coronavirus pandemic remains a constantly changing landscape, especially information about distribution and administration of vaccinations,” Erin Wooley, Chief Nursing Officer. “We will be publishing regular updates to keep everyone informed.”

Today, WhidbeyHealth is pleased to announce that we have started vaccination efforts of the Phase 1a group as defined by the Washington State Department of Health. Congressman Larsen (WA-02) joined our vaccination effort today remotely from Washington DC to offer his support of our efforts, and to praise the continued work of our first responders, WhidbeyHealth caregivers, and our Island community throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

WhidbeyHealth would like to acknowledge the tremendous work and support from Island County Department of Emergency Management, Island County Department of Health, and Congressman Rick Larsen in making our efforts as an ‘open’ vaccination provider for Island County.

The state is continuing to plan and define the other phases and which parts of the population will apply to each phase. Find current information on the phased approach here.

  • Nick Perera, Emergency Department Medical Director was the first in Island County to receive the COVID-19 Vaccination today.
  • We issued 20 doses of vaccine today.
  • Our projected plan is to have approximately 1,600 high-risk healthcare personnel (Phase 1a) living in Island County vaccinated within 14 days.
  • An online scheduling system to sign up to receive the vaccine will be distributed under the guidance of Island County Department of Health by the end of the week to identified Phase 1a people in our community.

We understand that our community is very eager to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. At this time, only the Phase 1a population will be able to receive vaccination. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we follow the directions provided by the State and the Centers for Disease Control. We will continue to provide updates for our community as new information becomes available.

We encourage everyone in Island County to get vaccinated when they become eligible. Vaccination is a key step in ending the coronavirus pandemic.

We wish our Island County community health and happiness this holiday season and strongly encourage everyone to follow guidance related to holiday gatherings, social distancing, mask wearing, and frequent hand-washing.