Community Update: WhidbeyHealth phone upgrade

Access to high quality healthcare is our top priority and we know that some of our phone systems have caused frustrations and delays. This is a brief update on the steps we are taking to address the issue:

    1. We have hired a career telecommunications expert who is focused full-time on managing our systems.
    2. Our team engaged a consultant to help identify gaps and capacity issues with the current systems. As a result, we have concluded that voice and fax systems must be replaced throughout the WhidbeyHealth organization. This represents a capital investment of approximately $800,000.
    3. We have solicited bids from three companies and invited two to submit proposals. Contract negotiations are nearing completion currently.
    4. Work will begin immediately, and we anticipate completion of the project well before the end of this year.

We know that our antiquated telephone systems have frustrated patients and families and we regret the difficulty. Once the installation of the updates system is complete, patients will be able to easily connect with our clinic staff and providers, and pharmacies can more effectively manage prescription renewals – these are two of many benefits the community can expect.

In the meantime, we ask everyone to take the following steps to help:

  • Use the MyWhidbeyHealth portals to communicate with your provider’s office.
  • Submit prescription renewal requests with your pharmacy who will process them with your provider.

Further updates on this upgrade will be forthcoming. We appreciate your feedback at any time – feel free to email us at

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