Community Update 12.30.2020

This is a continuation in a series of updates for the community regarding vaccination for COVID-19.

“Everything about the response to the coronavirus pandemic remains a constantly changing landscape, especially information about distribution and administration of vaccinations,” Erin Wooley, Chief Nursing Officer. “We will be publishing regular updates to keep everyone informed.”

WhidbeyHealth is pleased to announce that we have administered more than 650 COVID-19 vaccine doses to the Phase 1a group in Island County and will continue to administer vaccine in partnership with Island County Departments of Public Health and Emergency Management. Due to successful administration thus far and for the greater wellbeing and safety of our community while in Phase 1a, WhidbeyHealth and Island County Department of Public Health (ICPH), an ‘open’ vaccination provider, began extending our reach of care to other Phase 1a groups within and neighboring Island County.

  • WhidbeyHealth’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic has administered vaccine to more than 650 Phase 1a personnel in Island County, with an expected rate of 100 doses daily being administered to this population group.
  • WhidbeyHealth’s Pharmacy delivered ready to be administered COVID-19 vaccine to Regency Coupeville (skilled nursing facility) today. Vaccines will be administered by Regency personnel to residents and workers. Local retail pharmacies are slated to administer vaccine to the congregate living population in Island County, but aren’t expecting to receive their vaccine allotment until mid-late January. Prompt administration of the vaccine to this Phase 1a population group is critical for the continued safety and care at skilled nursing facilities across our county.
  • ICPH is working with Skagit County’s Island Hospital in Anacortes to reallocate much needed vaccines for their Phase 1a population. WhidbeyHealth is working with the Island Hospital Executive Team to offer guidance and resources needed to open their Vaccine Clinic to their Phase 1a population. WhidbeyHealth’s support includes recommendations for how to effectively open their Vaccine Clinic, general Vaccine Clinic resource management, and reporting required vaccine administration information to the State.

As an ‘open’ vaccination provider for Island County, WhidbeyHealth felt the need to assist Regency Coupeville paramount to the continued efforts to keep our county and community safe. As part of the Phase 1a group, facilities like Regency Coupeville were slated to have vaccine administered by local pharmacies that have yet to receive their vaccine shipments. WhidbeyHealth recognized the support that could be provided to this population group and worked with ICPH to ensure a successful transition of resources. WhidbeyHealth and ICPH are working closely with Skagit County and Island Hospital to ensure vaccine vials and accompanying administrative resources are available that would allow for the start of their vaccination efforts. It is the sentiment of WhidbeyHealth and ICPH that any support to other counties and healthcare organizations in our neighboring counties and communities will help expedite the vaccine efforts in our State, and will assist in moving our collective vaccination efforts forward into subsequent phase groups.

We understand that our community is very eager to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. At this time, only the Phase 1a population will be able to receive vaccination. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we follow the directions provided by the State and the Centers for Disease Control. We will continue to provide updates for our community as new information becomes available.

The state is continuing to plan and define the other phases and which parts of the population will apply to each phase. Find current information on the phased approach here. We encourage everyone in Island County to get vaccinated when they become eligible. Vaccination is a key step in ending the coronavirus pandemic. We encourage everyone to follow State guidance related to social gatherings, social distancing, mask wearing, and frequent hand-washing.