WhidbeyHealth is opening a cooling station to the public today from 1:00 until early evening. Located in the air conditioned HEC Education Center where the vaccine clinic operates.

  • Please park in the lots at the rear of the medical center.
  • Enter from the rear of the medical center, through the courtyard by the cafeteria; the same entrance you used if you were vaccinated here.
  • We will provide cold water and snacks for visitors escaping the heat.
  • As with all of our facilities, face masks are required. If you need one, we will provide it for you.
    Extreme heat can be dangerous to everyone’s health, especially adults over 65, infants and children, and persons with chronic health conditions. The CDC offers these tips for hot weather:
    • Stay cool indoors if possible
    • Limit outdoor exercise
    • Don’t leave children or pets in parked cars, even if the windows are open.
    • Stay hydrated: drink plenty of fluids – don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink. Keep your pets hydrated too!
    • Stay informed: keep an eye on the local weather report

Know the Signs: Learn the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses and how to treat them.