COVID-19 Update: Vaccine Appointment Booking Resumes

COVID-19 Update: Vaccine Appointment Booking Resumes


4.9.2021 @ 11:30am


This is a continuation in a series of updates for the community regarding vaccinations for COVID-19. 

WhidbeyHealth is pleased to announce that at 11:30am we are re-opening our COVID-19 vaccine scheduler for booking vaccination appointments. Per guidance received by WA Department of Health (click here) WhidbeyHealth is currently vaccinating those in the Phase 1A, tiers 1 and 2, and Phase 1B, tiers 1, 2, 3 & 4. Effective April 15th all Washington residents 16 years or older will be eligible to register for an appointment and receive the vaccine. WhidbeyHealth’s Vaccine Clinic is strongly encouraging minors be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when receiving their vaccine.

Confirming your appointment: When using our appointment scheduler, please note that you will need to CONFIRM your appointment before your appointment is fully booked. To verify that your appointment has been successfully scheduled, first create an account while scheduling your appointment. You will receive a registration email and a confirmation email once registered. Within the account registration is a way for you to view your scheduled appointments. All confirmed appointments will be visible in your account, once created and logged in to.

Please note: When appointments are opened, only appointments for the number of vaccine doses that we have received will be available to book. This process will continue throughout our COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Please do not be disappointed if you are unable to make an appointment for this set of vaccine doses – we are expecting the available appointments to be booked quickly. Additional vaccine allocations will be delivered and we will continue to announce new appointment availability in this manner until the vaccine supply chain has normalized.

Thank you for your continued support as Island County’s ‘open’ vaccine provider. We are eager to vaccinate our community!


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