Our Whidbey Island community has done a great job at flattening the curve and protecting each other from the spread of coronavirus. Putting an end to the pandemic is up to us - each of us - to take the necessary steps: Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Watch your distance.

Don't put your health on hold

Don't Put Your Health on Hold

We are taking additional steps to keep all of our facilities safe and hygienically clean to protect both patients and staff.

All patients and staff are required to wear masks, wash their hands frequently and practice social distancing when possible.

Don’t delay addressing health concerns, even during the current pandemic. Putting off treatment may worsen your condition. If you feel unwell, contact your provider or a WhidbeyHealth clinic near you.




There are several swabbing stations now operating for our community including the Medical Center in Coupeville. Anyone can be tested, regardless of symptoms, if any. The hotline scheduler will arrange your appointment at the station most readily available to you.

Advance registration is required to prevent waiting lines, help schedule adequate staff, and manage inventory of PPE and supplies. Call 360-240-4055 weekdays from 7:00am to 5:00pm to arrange your appointment.

Call 911 if you have severe symptoms such as a very high fever, difficulty breathing, or inability to eat or drink.

Please note that health insurers may not cover testing for people without symptoms or a recent exposure to a known infected person. You may be responsible for the $156 cost for your test. We suggest that you call your insurance provider with questions.

Upon arrival at the swabbing station at a clinic, please stay in your car and park at the designated spots for COVID-19 testing. At the medical center, follow signs to the drive-thru lane near the Health Education Center. Place your car in park and turn off the ignition.

The procedure involves swirling a swab into both nostrils. The swab is about the size of an ordinary Q-tip, much smaller than previous testing technologies.

Certified laboratories on the mainland process the swab specimens. Timing to get results from our lab partners is generally 3-5 days but can fluctuate due to statewide demand.

If your test is positive for coronavirus, you will receive a phone call from WhidbeyHealth staff. Patients who have a negative test result will not receive a call, and can get their results on the MyWhidbeyHealth hospital portal.

If you do not have an account on the patient portal, sign up at MyWhidbeyHealth to register. Choose the hospital portal, not the clinic portal.

Visitor Policies

Visitor Policies

To provide the safest possible treatment facilities and protect patients and staff, visitors to the Medical Center and WhidbeyHealth clinics are limited as described below:

  • Emergency Department patients may have one support person who must remain with the patient for the duration of their care.
  • Moms may also be accompanied by one trained, certified doula who will be a part of their team and will be required to comply with universal precautions including screening, masking and eye protection.
  • Patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, Family Birthplace or the Inpatient unit may have one support person. The support person may spend the night but must limit trips in and out of the hospital. A certified doula is allowed in the delivery room in addition to the support person.
  • Patients having surgery but are not expecting to stay overnight should arrange for a responsible adult to remain in their vehicle or return home during the procedure.
  • Patients in outpatient and community clinics may have one support person who must remain with the patient for the duration of care.
  • Exceptions may be made for patients with dementia, mental illness, developmental disability and for parents of minor children. Such exceptions are subject to staff approval.

Support persons entering any WhidbeyHealth facility must be healthy, symptom-free, and will be screened for fever and recent history. Everyone, including patients must follow universal masking policies.

This policy is subject to change without notice as conditions related to the pandemic change, or guidance from WADOH or the CDC is updated.

Opening in Phase 2 for Our Community’s Health

Services Open

WhidbeyHealth is carefully returning to full operations, following the guidance from state and national officials.

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, locations of some services have changed to improve operations and safe access to care. Check the locations page on this website to confirm your destination before traveling for services.

Please note that the West Wind Cafe and the Gift Shop at the Medical Center are open with occupancy limits.

Important Note About Telemedicine:

We encourage all patients to download and install Google Duo on their mobile devices. This application allows video and audio calls for easy access to our Telemed appointments. Android users can find the Google Duo app on Google Play: iPhone users can install it from the App Store:



Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about COVID-19 and Coronavirus.

It is important to understand that information about Coronavirus changes very frequently. We will do our best to keep information here up to date.

Still have questions? Send us a message via our Contact Us page or our Facebook.

Yes! Safety for our patients and staff is our first priority. Proactive measures include: fever screening on entry, universal use of masks by everyone including patients, and staff is equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate for any treatment or procedure.

Every WhidbeyHealth facility is configured to make spatial distancing easy. In addition to aggressive cleaning by our Environmental Services team, we have implemented dry fogging disinfecting system to eliminate pathogens beyond the reach of sprays, wipes or UV lights.

The best thing to do is contact your primary care provider to discuss testing. Call the Coronavirus Hotline to register for swabbing: 360-240-4055.

People who are infected may have many combinations of symptoms including a fever over 100*F, alternating chills and sweating, shortness of breath, a new cough, and/or severe fatigue. This list does not include all possible symptoms. If you are concerned, contact your Primary Care Provider.

Immediately call 911 if you or a family member is experiencing:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion
  • Inability to wake up or stay awake
  • Bluish lips or face

This list does not include all possible symptoms. Please call 911 or go to the Emergency Department if you have severe symptoms.

How can I help


"It takes a village..." has never been more true.

Neighbors and friends all over Whidbey Island have risen up in support of the neighbors and friends at WhidbeyHealth who fight for the lives of COVID-19 patients and are working contain the disease.

From homemade masks to raising money for PPE to feeding our teams, we have been inspired by your support and are deeply grateful.

This fight is not over, and will continue for the foreseeable future. There are many ways to help, including donations to the WhidbeyHealth Foundation, and many non-monetary contributions of time and resources. Click here to learn more about how you can make a difference.



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