Your health and wellness are at the heart of everything we do at WhidbeyHealth.

The ‘Whatever it Takes’ attitude and the dedication and commitment of our caring, competent and collaborative team of healthcare professionals ensure a quality healthcare experience every time. Their heroic efforts to ensure your health and wellbeing often goes unnoticed.

Have you been the recipient of exceptional care by a nurse, technician, physician or other team member?

Has someone gone above and beyond to ensure your needs are met? Please help us recognize their extraordinary efforts.

Accepting Nominations

Nominations from patients and their families as well as peers and supervisors are open for:

WhidbeyHealth DAISY Award

The WhidbeyHealth DAISY Award for any nurse in the WhidbeyHealth family who has gone above and beyond, showing extraordinary levels of care.

WhidbeyHealth Daffodil Award

The WhidbeyHealth Daffodil Award recognizes non-clinical staff in the WhidbeyHealth family for their commitment to excellence and the delivery of an exceptional healthcare experience.


Thank you for taking the time to recognize an individual with this award nomination.