Introducing: the Swing Bed program at WhidbeyHealth


WhidbeyHealth is happy to announce the formal start to our Swing Bed program, providing specialized inpatient recovery and care to the residents of Whidbey Island.

Swing Bed services are a stop for the patient between hospital and home, where patients receive the continued care they need for an optimal recovery from illness, injury or surgery. Residents receiving care from other health care providers no longer need to stay far away from home for the duration of their recovery. With Swing Bed care available at WhidbeyHealth, you can be treated elsewhere but recover close to family and home.

WhidbeyHealth is proud to bring this level of care to our community – letting patients heal close to home, while the family has piece of mind and comfort knowing their loved one is receiving the help they need to get back to their best.

For additional information on WhidbeyHealth’s Swing Bed program, you can learn more: here.