Island County 911 – The First of the First Responders

Island County 911 – The First of the First Responders


We never see them during an emergency, but they are the very first people we call when we need help: the team at Island County 911, or “I-COM 911.”

Every second counts in a serious emergency. The highly trained telecommunicators at I-COM 911 calmly help us during what may be the worst moments of our lives.

There is no question that this team of unseen, unsung heroes contribute to saving lives, protecting our property, and fighting crime. They are a lifeline for the public, and ensure the safety of paramedics, firefighters and police officers by monitoring activities by radio and supplying necessary updates for a rapid response.

April 11-17 is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week – an annual nationwide recognition of the very first people to respond when we need help the most. Many thanks to the I-COM 911 team – all of Island County residents are safer and healthier because of your outstanding work!