Luka Cobb, RN

I am honored to get to work with patients and their families through their end-of-life journey. I was first introduced to Hospice working as a CNA for Hospice while I was in nursing school. Since then I knew that I would someday return to Hospice. After nursing school I worked as an RN on a medical surgical floor as well as in the Emergency Room. I felt it important to gain experience and skills treating complex medical conditions prior to specializing in end-of-life care. I think my background of caring for critically ill patients allows me to understand the complex physiology of the dying process as well as having a very realistic appreciation for the burden of aggressive life prolonging care on dying patients and their families. I still help out in the ER at times to maintain skills and relationships with out local ER and EMS personnel. I have worked with WhidbeyHealth Hospice since 2016. I started as a case manager and transitioned into the After Hours RN position in 2020.

Patient Care Philosophy
  • I am a strong advocate for the patient being the “ring leader,” of the Hospice Team. We have all the tools to help keep you comfortable but ultimately you (the patient) are the one guiding what comfort is to you.
  • I am one of the after hours nurses. Between 4:30PM and 8:00AM, I am the one who responds to any calls that come in. I can manage questions, receive new orders from the physician and provide advice over the phone. I can also come out and do visits if needed.
  • Bachelors of Science, Nursing: University of Portland


I enjoy playing in the outdoors with my family.