Bad Fall, Good Experience

When Langley resident Diane Divelbess took a bad fall in her home, she ended up in a very crowded WhidbeyHealth Emergency Room on a busy day in July.

“Before long a very kind physician brought me to Diagnostic Imaging and closely examine my jaw,” Divelbess recalls.

“My cheek was broken, there was damage to the sinus area and my upper jaw was dislocated.”

Divelbess said that, for her, having WhidbeyHealth Medical Center here on the island is crucial and although the hospital is a well-equipped Critical Access Hospital, she knows it is limited, but always ready when issues arise. Hospital staff immediately called Oak Harbor oral and facial surgeon, Dr. Lance Keyes.

“If WhidbeyHealth can’t do something they call in somebody who can, just as they did for me with Dr. Keyes. He’s a terrifically skilled and nice fellow,” Divelbess said.

“He came in the afternoon to my hospital room and arranged for the operating room that evening. I had an operation at 8 p.m. and was out of surgery by 10 p.m. I left the hospital the next day.”

“I’ve always had a good experience there. Even the food is good! This time I was irritated that I couldn’t eat the food because my jaw was wired shut. Unfortunately, everything had to be puréed.”

~ Diane Divelbess, Langley