Use Cabot Drive - All Other Clinics Closed Due to COVID-19

Community Update – April 29, 2020 As we continuously flex our operations to meet the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, we've made changes to our community clinic operations. To make an appointment with your provider, call Primary Care Cabot Drive at 360.675.6648 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Community Update – April 29, 2020   

As we continuously flex our operations to meet the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to our community clinic operations, effective Wednesday, April 1.  These changes will allow us to concentrate our provider and nursing staff to meet the needs of all patients at the Medical Center.

Here are the specifics of the changes:

  1. Outpatient Services will be Consolidated at Primary Care Cabot Drive, 275 SE Cabot Dr., Suite B101, Oak Harbor; Call 360.675.6648 for an appointment. We have implemented tele-medicine in place of in-person visits when appropriate.

    • Please call Cabot Drive at 360.675.6648 for in-person appointments,tele-medicine appointments, phone calls with your provider for:
    • ALL Primary Care 
    • ALL Specialty Care 
    • ALL Women’s Care
    • ALL Orthopedic Care 
      • PLEASE NOTE: As of May 5, Dr. Oman will see patients Tuesday, face-to-face; Wednesday, tele-med and
        Dr. Graves will see patients Tuesday, tele-med; Wednesday, face-to-face.ALL Surgical Care: Wednesday is the day general surgeons see patients at Cabot Drive. 
    • Sleep Care is still taking calls at 360.240.4080.

    • Patients of the MAC clinic will continue to have their treatments at the Medical Center.

    • Rehab patients can now use tele-medicine services by calling 360.678.7619 or 360.321.7656, ext. 2250. (Some insurance carriers don't accept tele-med services for rehab, but patients will still be seen with no co-payment.) Please see information about re-opening of Rehab services: Rehab services to re-open Monday, May 11.

    • Patients who are usually seen at our Freeland, Coupeville and Goldie Street Oak Harbor clinics will have their appointments rescheduled to Cabot Drive or to a tele-medicine appointment.

    • There will be no staff or services operating at our Clinton, Freeland, Coupeville or Goldie Street, Oak Harbor facilities, including Sleep Care and Sleep LAB.


  1. All Diagnostic Imaging and Lab Services at Diagnostic Care Clinton are now at Primary Care Cabot Drive in Oak Harbor. 

    • LAB and Diagnostic Imaging services will continue to be available at the Medical Center at 101 North Main Street in Coupeville. (We recommend using the Oak Harbor location whenever feasible.)

    • Changes in Medical Center imaging hours are listed below. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however, this is temporary:
      • MRI – Tuesday-Thursday 7 7:30 p.m.
      • ECHO –Monday-Friday, 7 11 a.m.
      • Nuclear Medicine –Monday-Friday 9 1 p.m.
      • Ultrasound – currently offering 24/7
      • Mammography – currently not being offered again until April 29th.

If you have an appointment pre-scheduled, you will receive a telephone call to discuss new arrangements, including how to participate in tele-medicine visits with your provider. If you have questions, call the Primary Care Cabot Drive clinic at 360.675.6648 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Important Note About Telemedicine:  We encourage all patients to download and install Google Duo on their mobile devices. This application allows video and audio calls for easy access to our Telemed appointments. Android users can find the Google Duo app on Google Play: iPhone users can install it from the App Store: .

We appreciate the amazing support and flexibility of the Whidbey Island community. You all make our jobs easier with your kindness.

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