Try the Patient Portal for Access to Medical Records

The most secure way to manage your healthcare information is by signing up with the Patient Portal. Ask for a "PIN" when you are at your clinic visit so you can set up your portal access.)
Here are the basics to acquiring your medical records at WhidbeyHealth:

If a patient has had lab work or other tests done at one of the clinics and would like to receive the results or any other primary care visit records, they can sign up for the patient clinic portal here and receive a pin number to receive any medical records having to do with a clinic visit: (Please request a PIN in person when you are at the clinic. This will enable you to register for the portal.)

If a patient would like the results of lab work or other tests done at the hospital, or any other records from their hospital visit or from rehab or sleep care they would sign up for the portal and be able to see those records here:

If a patient DOES NOT WANT TO USE A PORTAL FOR RECORDS FROM EITHER THE HOSPITAL OR CLINICS they would go to this page and send in this form:

Did you know that you can have easy access to your medical records when you sign up for the Patient Portal?

To sign up for the portal, make sure your email address is entered into your medical record. You will also need your date of birth and your medical record number, which can be found on your billing statement; it is the number that starts with a capital “A.”  This number can also be provided to you in person with a valid ID, but can't be given over the phone in order to protect your privacy. The medical records office is located on the first floor of the original hospital building. The front desk receptionist at the main entrance can help direct you to that office.

Once you've signed up for the portal you're ready to go. See the blue boxes on the right side of the page? Click on "Patient Portals." Choose the portal for the location where you were seen.

Once enrolled, you'll have access to records of past visits, upcoming appointments, lab results, medication lists, allergy information and more.

Sign up today!

Please note: If you have any trouble getting into the portal, please contact the office at which you were seen. The staff there will gladly help you. Thank you!