Meet Dr. Jeremy Idjadi

Dr. Jeremy Idjadi, of WhidbeyHealth Orthopedic Care in Coupeville, is ready to help his neighbors.

Whether you want to compete at the top of your game, play with your grandkids or simply enjoy a day without pain, WhidbeyHealth’s newest orthopedic surgeon is here to help. Jeremy Idjadi, MD began practicing at WhidbeyHealth Orthopedic Care in August.

“My fiancé and I were looking to be part of a smaller community, and luckily this opportunity came up. We decided to call Coupeville home. I would like to provide care for people we’ve come to know as our neighbors,” Dr. Idjadi says.

Originally hailing from the Northeast, this board-certified orthopedic surgeon spent the past 13 years at Proliance Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Bellevue, Issaquah and Redmond, Wash. During that time he treated sports-related shoulder, elbow and knee conditions with both minimally invasive and open surgery.

“I practiced in a very busy urban area and I saw many patients from Whidbey Island.
I’m hoping that those patients who traveled all that way for healthcare
will realize that they can get top-notch care right here where we live.
I’m really looking forward to doing my part.”

Dr. Idjadi is glad to bring another set of hands to help Orthopedic Care colleague Dr. Kipley Siggard, who specializes in joint replacement surgery. But beyond offering his sheer manpower, he is also keen to bring his own set of expertise. “Dr. Siggard is well-versed in all general orthopedics and has expertise in hip and knee replacement, which I can do, as well. However, my particular focus is sports medicine, especially arthroscopy, rotator cuff injuries and ACL injuries in athletes. I’m also focused on the general population that is very much devoted to recreational activity. I think my expertise will be a very good complement to what Dr. Siggard is already providing,” he says.

Dr. Idjadi believes that surgery is always a last resort, unless it’s the obvious first choice. He sees all of his patients as athletes in some way, whether they are a middle or high school team player, a person who walks to and from work every day, or a senior who goes to the gym daily. His goal is to always try to get people back to where they can do what they want to do in their daily lives.

“I work with patients and say: ‘OK, here is what you used to be able to do and here is what you want to do now. What do we have to do to get you back at it?’ ”

Drs. Idjadi and Siggard work very closely with the Physical Therapy and the Diagnostic Imaging teams, as well as a patient’s primary care provider, to get patients on track to their fully-functioning selves. 

Coming from a large urban area to a rural healthcare setting is a big change both personally and professionally and Dr. Idjadi is beyond excited.

“The WhidbeyHealth administration is very motivated to continually increase the level of care and services provided here. I can see that and, I’m very impressed with the new wing and all the hard work going on behind the scenes here,” Dr. Idjadi says.

Dr. Idjadi says there is a misconception about smaller communities and the healthcare they provide. People may not realize that if a doctor is enjoying the place where he or she lives, that will be reflected in their care.

“Patients can become lost in a larger healthcare facility and, also, providers have to be more accountable to their patients in a smaller community because, well, they are neighbors.

At right are Orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Kipley Siggard and Dr. Jeremy Idjadi.