No Fear, Great Doc

Doug Taibi's fears about having surgery were assuaged after he met his surgeon, Dr. John Hassapis.

Doug Taibi underwent surgery at WhidbeyHealth Medical Center this year. He wrote the following email to a friend and neighbor, who volunteers at WhidbeyHealth. Taibi was grateful to her for helping him find a surgeon with whom he could feel
comfortable and confident. He wrote:

I loved the surgeon you recommended — Dr. John Hassapis — from the moment he walked into the room and introduced himself as John. From then on it was ‘John and Doug.’ He did not take notes during our first session; he just listened intensely and asked every question I was going to bring up before I had a chance to. I came home with amazing packet of diagrams and explanations he had hand-written and drew, while we were talking. He has a manner of dissipating fears before they arise, and obviously has an ethic of placing the patient, and their needs, above all else. All the hospital staff — from the receptionist to the nurses to the anesthetist — were welcoming, kind and compassionate from the moment I walked through the door.

It was a great experience. Now, I’m hopefully not running right back to surgery any time soon, but if I had to — I’d go with that group in a heartbeat.

~ Douglas M. Taibi, Langley