October 2: Phone and Internet Restored

4:55 PM Community update:

We are pleased to report that our connectivity has been restored, including phone, fax and internet services!

Like many other affected local businesses, there will be a lot of reorganizing appointments and records that were upended during the service interruption. We’re working as fast as possible to get caught up, and will appreciate everyone’s patience for a day or two.

Our entire staff is grateful for the cooperation and support of the community and patients who were inconvenienced by this outage. Feel free to contact us if we can assist you in any way: email us at myhospital@whidbeyhealth.org or call our Quality team at 360.678.7656, ext. 3154.

12:30PM Community update:

Our phone, fax and internet connectivity remain offline due to a severed Comcast fiberoptic cable. We are awaiting information regarding restoration of service. Patients with pre-scheduled appointments who may be affected by the outage are being contacted individually by staff.

In case of an emergency – call 9-1-1 immediately.

We appreciate the support from the community! Updates will be posted here and cross-posted on our social channels.

Monday, 10/12 7:00AM
IMPORTANT NOTICE: widespread internet outages over the Seattle region are affecting phone, fax, and internet access throughout the WhidbeyHealth system. Like many others on Whidbey Island, we are unable to receive or send calls, faxes, or email until the outage is resolved. Updates will be made available here as services come back online.