What is a WhidbeyHealth Hero?

What is a WhidbeyHealth Hero?

A WhidbeyHealth Hero is someone who helps to shape and define the patient and employee experience at WhidbeyHealth. It's an intentional contributor; an exceptional healthcare professional  – be it in a clinical, support services, or administrative role - dedicated to making sure we deliver exceptional care to every patient.

Each of us may have a different definition of what makes someone a “hero,” but we can agree that it is a person who is admired or idealized for their qualities and achievements.

Starting in March 2020, we've been recognizing a hero every week and without further ado we are excited to introduce and recognize this months WhidbeyHealth Heroes!




Nominations are open for our next WhidbeyHealth Heroes.

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Meet the February 2021 WhidbeyHealth HEROES


Jennifer Menges

“Jennifer is the front desk guru of PFS. While a lot of us worked from home this past 12 months, she was always willing to step outside of her normal routine and help the insurance collectors get paper claims and chart notes (or other documents) mailed out the door to insurance companies. She makes sure we have all the items that we need to do our jobs in the office and is quick to see how she can help management along the way.

She really is one of our hearts and souls of PFS and a constant that we know we can rely on. Currently she takes any interoffice mail that comes in and scans it to my email so that I can get the important worker’s comp paperwork and documents taken care of as soon as possible for our providers and our patients.

When she in on the phone with patients, she is always trying her best to make our patients feel at ease that she is going to take care of whatever question or concern the patient has. She is quick to email information received from patients so that we can get the best resolution as fast as possible.”


“I feel Ms. Tonya is our everlasting keeper of knowledge and education, with a wealth of critical knowledge she shares with us every day. I have never had a shift where I did not learn something new. Tonya is a great preceptor as she envelopes new employees and nurtures them along their journey.

She has also been a great spear-head in our NRP education and helping to update our treatment of newborn babies. She brings special skillset and experience to the unit, and is always cool under pressure situations, which makes her an outstanding charge nurse!

Tonya has also been a major factor in utilizing our Certified Nurse Assistants to become more involved during codes and deliveries, getting our CNAs educated with mini NRP training. Family Birthplace is blessed to have this unique and special character as part of our ever growing story.”


Tonya DeYoung


Jennifer Croy

“I’ve worked with Jennifer for over eight years in Home Health Care and I have witnessed her wearing many hats. Her breadth of knowledge and ease in which she adapts to new roles constantly amazes me. She is our go-to person for policy issues, specific and general education related to CMS rules and regulations. She writes new protocols, policies, procedures, standing orders, and new staff orientation guides.

Jennifer is also whom we reach out to for computer related problems before calling IT. As if all this was not enough she also fills other roles in the office as needed. As field staff members, we often bring our challenges to Jennifer. She listens and always provides constructive feedback. That is not an easy position to be in, to be empathetic yet lead for optimal efficiency, and remain professional.

Jennifer is always only a text or phone call away to both nursing and therapists. We could not do our jobs without this sort of support which is crucial to success of providing excellent care to our patients. Jennifer is a unique and valuable asset to Home Health Care and immensely appreciated.”


“My journey with Kellie started prior to my knee replacement surgery at WhidbeyHealth in their joint camp training where I first met her. Five days after my surgery I started my outpatient physical therapy three times a week and saw Kellie on most of my visits as my therapist. She became my expert in my road to recovery. She taught me not to be afraid of movement just because it hurts, but to push myself to get the optimal results and to ultimately reach my own personal goals!

She helped me by teaching me so many different exercises and techniques, for when it was time to put me on equipment that helped me build muscle and restore my strength. Those are just the technical aspects of what Kellie helped me with. The most important to me was the relationship that I built with Kellie which will always remain on of the most special ones in my life. I don’t think that people often realize the impact that they have on others simply through laughing with someone and sharing life stories on your good days and supporting you through your bad days. Kellie saw me on my darkest days, where I thought recovery was not possible because I failed at some simple task like: getting enough bend in my knee to ride a stationary bike, or the fear of climbing stairs again, or simply going from a sitting to a standing position from a chair without using the arms to push off.

She showed me compassion, care, encouragement and strength. I cannot thank this wonderful, gifted person enough for that journey she took with me. I am eternally grateful that I was lucky enough to have her be my therapist and become my friend!”


Kellie Osborn


MEET THE 2020 & 2021 HEROES

Here's a complete list of the WhidbeyHealth team members who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the delivery of an exceptional healthcare experience.


Vickie Longshore 
Admin asst.; Nursing

Terri Crane
HIM technician

Alison Wells
Sterile processing; Surgical Services

PC Cable
Manager; Home Health & Hospice Care


Ashley Faulise
Radiologic Technologist; Diagnostic Imaging

Bert Balagot
Trauma coordinator; ED)

Stacia Ott
RN; women’s care

Stephanie Wilson
Lead Patient Registrar; Specialty Clinics


Eufemia Femi Smith
CNA; Nursing/Medical Surgical Unit

Tiffani Blazek
Medical Scribe; Surgical Services

Erin Wooley
Chief Nursing Officer

Patsy Kolesar-Hynson
Manager, Inpatient Services


Jeff Sibley
Systems Administrator; IT

Tim Waldner
Executive Director; Facilities & Plant Engineering

Harry Hawn
Manager; Purchasing/Materials Management

Dawn Martinson
Director; Practice Management


Gibbs Caldwell
Support Analyst; IT

Norma Cline
Cook & Nutrition Assistant; Food & Nutrition Services

Desiree Dudley
Operations Supervisor; Clinics

Tammy Woollet
Supervisor; HIM


Michelle Aube
Nurse Anesthetist; Anesthesiology

Emma Spear
Dietary Aide & Nutrition Assistant; Food & Nutrition Services

Isel Brown
Patient Registrar; Sleep Care Clinic

Jacqueline Bassett
Manager, WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace


Brittany Kane
Nurse Practitioner; Palliative Care

Peter Carter
Maintenance Tech; Facilities & Plant Ops

Malea Ivy
Coder; HIM

Debbie Reis
Manager; Emergency Department


Vanessa Soliman
CNA; Inpatient Services

Robert Huff
Telecom Engineer; IT

Maria Reyes
Manager, Patient Access

Mina Yousef, MD
Hospitalist, Inpatient Services

Curtis Shumate
Manager, Inpatient Nursing


Helen Paraiso
RN; Inpatient Services

Mary Hunter
RN; Inpatient Services

Jay Lujan
Radiologic Technologist, Radiology

Meghan McSorley, MD
Physician, Women's Care


Myla Becker
RN; Hospice Care

Wanda Smith
MA; Surgical Care

Pamela Coon
Housekeeper, Environmental Services

Leah Oman, MD
Physician, Surgical Care


Lorijean Spear
RN; WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace

Annelies De Wolf
Manager; Rehabilitation Care

Mei-Ling Stout
Coordinator, Hospice & Palliative Care

Erin Martin
RN, WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace


Accepting Nominations

Providing exceptional care to every patient 24/7 takes a village - or an island!

As the second largest employer on Whidbey, there are over 700 dedicated members on our team who bring a 'can do' attitude to their role every day.

From front line clinical staff to housekeeping, engineering, supply management, techs, coordinators and receptionists, their tireless and sometimes heroic efforts often goes unnoticed.

So now's your chance to say THANKS!

Has someone gone above and beyond to ensure your needs are met? Is a friend or neighbor part of the WhidbeyHealth team, showing up everyday to make sure the hospital and clinics run smoothly?

Please help us recognize their extraordinary efforts. Nominations from patients, visitors, community members and staff are welcome.

HERO Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to submit a WhidbeyHealth Hero nomination!