What is a WhidbeyHealth Hero?

What is a WhidbeyHealth Hero?

A WhidbeyHealth Hero is someone who helps to shape and define the patient and employee experience at WhidbeyHealth. It's an intentional contributor; an exceptional healthcare professional  – be it in a clinical, support services, or administrative role - dedicated to making sure we deliver exceptional care to every patient.

Each of us may have a different definition of what makes someone a “hero,” but we can agree that it is a person who is admired or idealized for their qualities and achievements.

Starting in March 2020, we've been recognizing a hero every week and without further ado we are excited to introduce and recognize this months WhidbeyHealth Heroes!




Nominations are open for our next WhidbeyHealth Heroes.

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Meet the November 2020 WhidbeyHealth HEROES


Helen Paraiso

“Helen exemplifies what it means to be a patient advocate, team player, leader and active participant seeking ways to improve workflows and patient outcomes.

Helen greets everyone with a gentile smile and a positive attitude, and if there is a song that reflects the current interaction she will sing that tune! She is flexible to meet the needs of not only her patients but her co-workers as well. She willingly floats to the Emergency Room when needed without even batting an eye, and when things normalize in the Emergency Room she will float back to M/S and take a patient assignment; never skipping a beat. She understands the importance of nursing having a voice and is an active member of the staffing committee.

As a charge nurse she actively educates and shares her knowledge to assist others in their practice. She balances the needs of our patient, staffing, and hospital well. Many occasion she has been witnessed and by myself as well, softly singing to patients a gift that is from the heart and so welcomed by many of our patients. You can count on Helen to share a joke, admittedly some go right over my head, but still enjoyed by all.

Thank you Helen for the selfless gift you give of your kindles and generosity!”


“Mary Hunter has been a nominee for the WhidbeyHealth Hero since we started this awesome recognition. Mary is a caring, compassionate, and helpful nurse. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone has what they need and are on track. If anyone is behind or needs help she does her best to be there to support in any way possible.

Mary inspires me to be better, work harder and to be more positive. She always has a smile on her face and an upbeat attitude, spreading encouragement and thanking everyone for working so hard. She always has a word of encouragement and a smile.

If there is one person I want to be more like, it’s Mary Hunter. She makes WhidbeyHealth a better place and we are lucky to have her!”


Mary Hunter


Jay Lujan

“It is common knowledge that Jay is exceptional. He consistently does more than is expected, he always has a calm demeanor and never gets frustrated or upset. He can handle most stressful situations with grace and integrity.

Anyone who knows Jay can attest to his grace under pressure attitude. He always has a smile on his face and as his employee I always feel comfortable asking for advice or direction.

He is an exceptional WhidbeyHealth employee and deserves proper recognition.”


“Dr. McSorley is a Superwoman of Women’s Care and Labor and Delivery. She is always a preferred provider with patients. Not only does she provide exceptional care to ALL patients but she is sought out by her peers for her expertise in OB/GYN issues for recommendations that would have a positive outcome.

Dr. McSorley is a great listener and takes all the time is needed with each patient. Comments I hear over and over from patients is that they feel “heard and taken care of” and never feel their visit is ever rushed. Dr. McSorley joined the team in December when she had the opportunity to go anywhere for her employment. Her compassion and drive to make a difference not only at WhidbeyHealth but in the community that she and her family call “home.”

Not only is she taking care of patients on a daily basis, but she has committed herself in a Leadership role as Medical Director for Women’s Care and is making positive changes to assure best practice are being upheld and followed. Dr. McSorley is constantly researching on education that would benefit the clinical team to assure they feel supported. Holds “in-service” education during her lunch time.

Her commitment and dedication to her profession benefits WhidbeyHealth and the Whidbey Island Community.”


Meghan McSorley



Here's a complete list of the WhidbeyHealth team members who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the delivery of an exceptional healthcare experience.


Vickie Longshore 
Admin asst.; Nursing

Terri Crane
HIM technician

Alison Wells
Sterile processing; Surgical Services

PC Cable
Manager; Home Health & Hospice Care


Ashley Faulise
Radiologic Technologist; Diagnostic Imaging

Bert Balagot
Trauma coordinator; ED)

Stacia Ott
RN; women’s care

Stephanie Wilson
Lead Patient Registrar; Specialty Clinics


Eufemia Femi Smith
CNA; Nursing/Medical Surgical Unit

Tiffani Blazek
Medical Scribe; Surgical Services

Erin Wooley
Chief Nursing Officer

Patsy Kolesar-Hynson
Manager, Inpatient Services


Jeff Sibley
Systems Administrator; IT

Tim Waldner
Executive Director; Facilities & Plant Engineering

Harry Hawn
Manager; Purchasing/Materials Management

Dawn Martinson
Director; Practice Management


Gibbs Caldwell
Support Analyst; IT

Norma Cline
Cook & Nutrition Assistant; Food & Nutrition Services

Desiree Dudley
Operations Supervisor; Clinics

Tammy Woollet
Supervisor; HIM


Michelle Aube
Nurse Anesthetist; Anesthesiology

Emma Spear
Dietary Aide & Nutrition Assistant; Food & Nutrition Services

Isel Brown
Patient Registrar; Sleep Care Clinic

Jacqueline Bassett
Manager, WhidbeyHealth Family Birthplace


Brittany Kane
Nurse Practitioner; Palliative Care

Peter Carter
Maintenance Tech; Facilities & Plant Ops

Malea Ivy
Coder; HIM

Debbie Reis
Manager; Emergency Department


Vanessa Soliman
CNA; Inpatient Services

Robert Huff
Telecom Engineer; IT

Maria Reyes
Manager, Patient Access

Mina Yousef, MD
Hospitalist, Inpatient Services

Curtis Shumate
Manager, Inpatient Nursing


Accepting Nominations

Providing exceptional care to every patient 24/7 takes a village - or an island!

As the second largest employer on Whidbey, there are over 700 dedicated members on our team who bring a 'can do' attitude to their role every day.

From front line clinical staff to housekeeping, engineering, supply management, techs, coordinators and receptionists, their tireless and sometimes heroic efforts often goes unnoticed.

So now's your chance to say THANKS!

Has someone gone above and beyond to ensure your needs are met? Is a friend or neighbor part of the WhidbeyHealth team, showing up everyday to make sure the hospital and clinics run smoothly?

Please help us recognize their extraordinary efforts. Nominations from patients, visitors, community members and staff are welcome.

HERO Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to submit a WhidbeyHealth Hero nomination!