Restructuring to Meet our Strategic Plan



Whidbey Island Public Hospital District (WhidbeyHealth) implemented a strategic organizational restructuring this week in an effort to improve the district’s long-term financial sustainability. The restructuring included a reduction in the executive leadership team structure as well as other adjustments to staffing levels throughout the organization. The ability to optimize patient care while improving our financial position and creating an environment of sustainable stewardship is critical for long-term viability.

This decision aligns with the district’s strategic plan to grow operating revenues to generate ninety (90) days cash reserves and ensure financial stability. The strategic realignment will broaden the district’s operating margin, while reducing the total leadership salary burden. Fiscal projections have been adjusted to account for the continued pandemic-related loss of revenue through procedures like elective surgeries.

WhidbeyHealth CEO, Ron Telles said, “As the community-owned source of compassionate, high-quality, and integrated healthcare for residents and visitors of Whidbey Island, continued transparency is key. We have not taken this action lightly, but while difficult, these measured and purposeful steps are necessary to ensure greater financial health and the ability to re-invest in areas that matter most to our community.”

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