Family Birthplace Services

We’re proud to deliver between 20 to 30 babies per month – and we’re hoping to expand that number by being a healthcare partner with you!

Our Services

  • Uncomplicated Deliveries
    • Includes pregnancies 37 weeks gestation and above, typically our moms are healthy without any known issues in pregnancy
  • Complicated pregnancies
    • Issues we encounter and are equipped to provide care for include: gestational hypertension, cholestasis of pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and Pre-Eclampsia
    • Breech presentation – our providers have the ability to perform a procedure called a version to rotate the baby’s position
    • If mom or baby have to be transferred due to health and safety concerns, we provide transportation by ambulance or helicopter off the Island to a facility with a higher level of care
  • Cesarean Sections
    • We provide care for planned and unplanned C-sections
  • Twin deliveries
  • Non-stress Tests
    • There may be times when your provider may want to schedule this test to ensure your baby is doing well typically in the third trimester.
  • Lactation Specialists
    • We have several Certified Lactation Counselor trained nurses. Lactation Specialists are here to assist you with latch and position and ensure your breastfeeding is off to a strong start from the time your baby is born. Both nurses and lactation specialists will help answer any of your questions pertaining to breast feeding and can assist you in learning how to use your breast pump if this is something you desire to use.

    • We understand that you may have questions when you go home; we are here to assist you in setting up an appointment with a lactation specialist. During these appointments we provide support to ensure your infant’s weight is healthy. We also provide support and techniques to work one-on-one with any latch or position issues. We work with our pediatricians during these appointments to come up with a plan that works best for you and your baby. To make an appointment with a Lactation Specialist, please call 360.678.7656, ext. 2145.
  • Well Baby Checks
    • We provide Well Baby Checks typically two - three days after you and baby are discharged home. These Checks include: repeat hearing screens, jaundice level evaluations, weight checks, and lactation support. We also will follow-up with assessing how you are doing physically and emotionally during the postpartum period
  • Unit Tours
    • We are excited to meet you and your family! Set up a time to tour our unit and to meet with our staff
    • To schedule a tour of the Family Birthplace, call Central Scheduling Services at 360.678.7607
  • Medical Screening Exams
    • If you have any concerns during your pregnancy we encourage you to call your provider immediately. We provide medical screening exams upon arrival to our unit to best assist how to care for you and your baby