Thank you, Whidbey Island, for Your Awesome Generosity of Supplies

Below is an updated list of donations (besides the incredible monetary donations received by our Foundation) as of May 18, 2020. We’d like to extend a big thanks to the following individuals and organizations for your donations of masks, gloves, respirators, sterilization supplies, ponchos, coveralls, sandbags, food and 3,175 donated handmade cloth masks made by local sewers!

As the pandemic continues, it becomes more and more evident that we live in an awesome community. Despite this very difficult time for our island, our state, our nation and our world, people here are coming together to help in any way they can.

Thank you, Whidbey Island, for your incredible generosity of needed supplies, funds, food and kindnesses. Your care and support goes a long way to keeping our patients, healthcare workers and all front-line staff safe.

We’d like to extend a big thanks to the following individuals and organizations for your donations of masks, gloves, respirators, sterilization supplies, ponchos, coveralls, sandbags, food, monetary donations and 3,175 donated handmade cloth masks made by local sewers! Please forgive us if we’ve missed anyone here; we appreciate all of you very much.

Take care and stay safe.

(Pictured are handmade masks and South Whidbey Middle School 7th Graders Baylie & Carlie Kuschnereit age 12, mask makers from the Whidbey Island DIYers group, who have made and donated a total of 15,000 masks for our community, 3,000 of which have come to the hospital. Awesome!)

Theodora Knouse
B. Jordan
Kathie Olsen
Safeway, Oak Harbor
Darbonnier Tactical Supply
Whidbey Sign Company
Chaplain Jeff Humphrey
Haggen Foods, Oak Harbor
Mackenize Ball
Linda Reidling
SV Student Nurse’s Club
Eat. Clean. Whidbey.
Keller Williams Realty
Larry Ford

Sue Hamilton, Coupeville Restaurants GoFundMe
The Personalize Shop, Leavenworth
Rita Cline
Dorte Callahan
Terry Brashem
Dharma Relief
Brian and Tracy Miller
Borderless Allies
Rotarians of Whidbey Island
Harvey of South Whidbey
Larry Cheek
Moira Whidby
Vicky Stone
Amber Wyman
Karl Schniker
Vickie Cadwallader
Rebecca Collins
Ashley Jones
Matt Andrews
Melissa Garden
Kati Nlguyen, PNW Vietnamese Community
Kevin, PNW Vietnamese Community
Sandy Pearse
Pat Roberts, Coupeville Lions Club
Lawrence Johnson
Melissa Miller
Shannon MacLeod
Mark McKole
Becky Templin
Living Word Church
Cristie Arnold
C. Lee Sage
Veronica Reppergee
Julie Wilson
Michelle Allison, Coupeville Lions Club
Linda Means
Bonnie Gretz and Pansy May
Glenda Michael
Julie Mercer
Julie Wilson
Tina Mueller Starks
Josep Alicea
Cathryn Booth-LaForce
Mary Zinbung
Vicky Reyes, Coupeville Lions Club
Ed LaCroix
Troy Design and Manufacturing Company
Verigreen Earth
Coupeville Lions Club
Linda Means
Ellen Woodard
Mrs. Christina Wheat
B. Jordan
Jennie Brooks
Brenda Jordan
Julie Wilson
Janie Pulsifer
Rebekah Webster
Trisha Lockhart
Ellen Woodland
Michelle Allison, Coupeville Lions Club
Whidbey DIYers
Cathy Kind
Mary McMurtry
Renee LeVerrier
Freeland Country Store
Wendy Wang, MD
Patricia Pritchard
Maki Matsuno
Alice Raymond, Coupeville Lions Club
Amanda Fronckowiak
Callie Carlson
Jennifer Carlson
Stephanie Williams
Kathyrn Morris
Billie Cook
Kim Baxter
Virginia Mayer
Dorothy Waite
Dorothy Michel
Ashley Jones
Elizabeth Whitman
Waters Edge Family Practice from Langley
Ruth Ashburn
Jaime Ruddell
Susan and Dennis Roberts
Shawn Fowler
Eileen Ryan
Vicky Reyes
Jill Johnson
Rebecca Collins
Jackie of Country Cottage, Langley
Central Puget Sound Marine Mammal Stranding Network/Orca Network
Christopher Lane Reed
Katie Buck
Monica Felici
Linda Postenrieder
Murray and Nichole Hubiak
Laura Camby
Judy Hansen
Susan Hosmer
Valerie Mascho
Tammi Sloan
Christina Parker
Linda Youngs, Coupeville Lions Club
Janell Baker
Kimberly Martin
Candie Olsen
C. Lee Sage
Susan Kreps
Kate Schwarz
Joyce Kuhn
Roger and Susanna Herndon
Mary Stewart
Laura Medbury
Chinese American Community
Line Goulet
Margaret Novden
Gary Croft
John Calwell
Richard Chen
Echeverria-Bryant Family
Dana Robinson
Patty Steele
Renee LeVerrier
Kathy Hawkes
Susan Hosmer
David Brown of Puget Sound Energy
Colleen Clark
Laura & Jim Day
Diane Paul
Cathy Kind
Gary Croft
Colleen Klamm
Paul Bigelow
Lisa and Beth Toomey-Stout
Dr. Ben Hu
Mike & Diane Quiriconi
Linda Rush
Susan Hamilton (Coupeville Restaurants GoFundMe Group)
Bill Rick
Ashley Bystrom and the Atlantis STEAM Robotics Club
Shawn Fowler
Hollie Swanson of Greenbank Farm Wine Shop
Kris Fellrath
Dharma Relief
Larry Bernhardt
Noe Jose Restaurant, Oak Harbor
Sunshine Drip Coffee Lounge, Coupeville
Living Word Church, Oak Harbor
Thank You Friday and Mackenzie Ball, Oak Harbor
Lynda Reidling, ARNP
Home Depot
Seaside Salon and Spa, Coupeville
Allure Salon, Oak Harbor
Wallin Funeral Home
Pacifica Medical
Jefferson Hospital
Ansel Santosa
Dale and Donna Stimpson
Paul Bigelow
Island County
Cenex Skagit Farmers Supply
Ron Wallin
Northwest Supply
7-11 at Cabot Drive
Henry Vasquez, DDS
Wild Crow Pies
Atlantis STEAM Robotics Team face shield makers
3D Printers across the island making face shields
300+ Mask Makers and Donors of N95s (634 handmade masks to date)
Frontier Industries
Helen and Bert Balagot
Chris Reed
Flying Bear, Langley (Thanks for sending our ER team flowers!)
And many unknown benefactors who wish to remain anonymous