WhidbeyHealth: Committed to providing exceptional healthcare to every patient


It is our mission to provide exceptional healthcare to every patient. To fulfill that mission, we strive for equitable treatment of every patient, visitor and employee, and work to foster a welcoming culture.

Ours is a local hospital, staffed largely by local people who are here to serve people who live here. We depend on a close relationship with the community nurtured by the thoughtful communications. We try not to communicate like a big impersonal medical center. Some days we could do better and for those times, we are sorry and promise to try harder.

Our focus at WhidbeyHealth will always be to deliver exceptional health care by our exceptional care providers to our island community. If you would like to learn more about our non-discrimination policy, patient’s rights policy, or how WhidbeyHealth supports our Island Community, you can view them on our website: https://whidbeyhealth.org/patients-visitors/policies.