WhidbeyHealth Orthopedic Care moving to new location in Coupeville


WhidbeyHealth is excited to announce that our Orthopedic Care clinic is relocating to another medical office building in Coupeville.

Beginning on Monday, January 10th, Orthopedic Care will be located at 205 S. Main Street in Coupeville.

In our continued effort to positively reinforce our operating expenses, one way we are able to make meaningful and impactful change is to relocate and strategically consolidate identified Specialty Care clinics to increase accessibility for our community. “We are striving to strengthen WhidbeyHealth’s financial position so that we are more resilient in these and future extraordinary times,” stated Ron Telles, CEO.

We look forward to opening our doors at our WhidbeyHealth Surgical and Orthopedic Care Center, Monday, January 10th at it’s new location. We have made great effort to ensure a smooth transition without interruption of care for our patients. As part of WhidbeyHealth’s mission to provide exceptional care, without exception, we are excited about this office transition as it allows for an increased level of integration with other WhidbeyHealth services at the Medical Center.

Stay connected with us for current information at facebook.com/WhidbeyHealth