Patient and Community Centric

Patient and Community Centric

We believe everyone on Whidbey Island deserves local access to high-quality healthcare.

WhidbeyHealth provides local access to exceptional healthcare, a safety net when emergencies happen, and peace of mind knowing our team is standing by 24/7 to respond to your needs.

Our Behavioral Health Services make it easy to get the care and resources close to home. If you need help managing your anxiety disorder, trauma disorder, substance or addiction disorder, or other mental health issues, our team is standing by to assist.

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One in five Americans suffers from a mental illness and one in twenty-five Americans suffers from a serious mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or recurring disorders, dysfunctions or dysphoria. Despite the numbers, less than 60 percent of people with a mental illness or substance addiction disorder receive treatment for their condition. Nearly half of children ages 8 through 13 don't either (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Seeking treatment for mental health conditions is absolutely vital. In addition to improved mental health, seeking treatment can positively impact physical health by improving sleep, improving the immune system and can lead to lower pain levels. Living with mental illness will always be a battle, but getting the proper treatment in a safe environment will make it much more manageable, allowing you to live your best life without your condition getting in the way.

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Behavioral Health services will be available from our Primary Care Freeland offices and Walk-In Clinic Oak Harbor (Goldie Rd.) offices. Whether you are a resident of North Whidbey, Central Whidbey or South Whidbey, Behavioral Health care from WhidbeyHealth is available where you need it most, close to home.

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WhidbeyHealth Behavioral Health accepts most health insurances.

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Meet Dr. Mariana "Mare" Nibley

Behavioral Health starts here

Our team of dedicated health care professionals will work with you to address any underlying cause of your symptoms to improve your outcomes and prevent worsening symptoms, while finding positive coping strategies to support growth and progress.

Dr. Nibley (she/her/they/them) works with adolescents (13+) and adults suffering from a varying mental health conditions. Her goal is to treat the holistic patient, rather than a specific disorder or diagnosis, and work with her patients to find the most appropriate treatment plan that aligns with their goals.