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Rehabilitation therapies can help you recover from the pain and damage caused by a major illness or injury and minimize the risk of further damage or injury in the future.

What makes WhidbeyHealth's Rehabilitation Care stand out from the rest?

Sessions with a dedicated therapist. Long gone are the ways of a therapist managing multiple patients simultaneously while going through a rehabilitation program. WhidbeyHealth will always provide one-on-one therapist sessions to ensure that your goals are met and that their only focus is on your recovery.

We are a tremendously dedicated group of therapists and specialists who are here to return you to your best self. WhidbeyHealth has you and your therapy needs covered.

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Our goal is to make sure you feel safe, cared for and have the best possible experience here at WhidbeyHealth. Our team will work with you to develop a customized program to get you back to your best self!



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Rehab Services


Creating the best possible experience for every patient and visitor
takes a team of dedicated professionals with their focus on you!

We offer a full range of rehab programs including cardiac, pulmonary, neurological and orthopedic rehab as well as therapies, exercise, educational and prevention classes and support services. We are continuously evolving our programs to meet the needs of our diverse community.

If your physician or surgeon is off island, you can still arrange to have your rehabilitation services provided close to home, here at WhidbeyHealth.


Pediatric rehabilitation includes speech language pathology therapies, occupational pediatric therapies, and physical therapies, designed to evaluate and treat infants or children with fine motor, gross motor, sensory skills and more. Our designated pediatric rehabilitation work space allows our therapists to practice in a unique and affirming environment. We evaluate periodically, allowing for greater care and additional availability for our community. See why our Pediatric Rehabilitation Care is innovating Pediatric Therapies and how that can help your child.

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Acupuncture is the use of carefully placed thin needles to enhance the natural healing ability of the body, manage chronic disorders and alleviate pain and other symptoms. Originating in China, in Western medicine acupuncture can be used to help manage your pain and symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Speak to our Rehabilitation Care team today if your provider recommends or you would like to learn more about the acupuncture services available.

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Having trouble breathing or maintaining your breath during everyday activities? Pulmonary rehabilitation might be just what you need to return to your best self! Improving the quality of life through specially tailored therapies designed to treat your specific condition. If you would like to regain strength, reduce symptoms, and make it easier to manage routine activities, our therapy program is award winning and will help you reach your goals. Talk to your provider today about referring you for Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

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If you have a heart attack or other heart problem, cardiac rehabilitation is an important part of your recovery. It can help grow strength, build heart-healthy habits, and reduce the risk of future cardiac events. WhidbeyHealth's Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised program designed to fit your needs and meet your goals. If you have had a cardiac event and would like to learn about how WhidbeyHealth can deliver the therapy you need, close to home, click below to learn more.

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WhidbeyHealth's Rehabilitation Care is more than specialty therapies, we also offer Occupational, Speech, and Physical therapies. As with all of our therapy disciplines, WhidbeyHealth is here to provide exceptional care without exception: one-on-one sessions with your therapist, and multidisciplinary care therapies to meet any recovery need you may have. If you are looking to return to your best self, click the link below and speak to your provider about the therapy WhidbeyHealth has available for our community.

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WhidbeyHealth's Pediatric Therapy programs are a unique and innovative experience that is not widely available.

Pediatric Therapy Programs
  • Speech Language Pathology Therapies
  • Occupational Pediatric Therapies
  • Physical and OrthopedicTherapies
  • Pediatric Neuro-Developmental Therapies

Our approach is to provide your infant or child with a specialized level of care, close to home.

We take a one-on-one approach, as we do with all of our Rehabilitation Care therapies, allowing the therapist and patient dedicated and uninterrupted time to spend working on developing skills and techniques that will benefit your children for the rest of their lives. Our dedicated Pediatric Therapy workspace is separate from our adult gyms so child and therapist are free from distractions and can focus on what your child needs.

Speak to your primary care provider today if you are in need of Pediatric Rehabilitation Therapies for your child and see why WhidbeyHealth's Rehabilitation Care is different from the rest.



WhidbeyHealth accepts most health insurances. Please contact your insurance provider if you have questions.

For more information regarding our financial services, policies, help estimating the cost of your visit/procedure and financial assistance programs, visit Financial Services.