Our goal is to answer your billing and insurance questions with transparency and accuracy.

Our Patient Financial Services team is available to work one-on-one with you to coordinate financial agreements before, during and after any procedure. You also have the convenient and secure option of paying your account balance online using our online bill-pay system, 24/7.


Balance Billing Protection Act


For information regarding the Balance Billing Protection Act - Click Here

For information regarding Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills and Balance Billing - Click Here.

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Whether dealing with an unexpected visit or preparing for a planned procedure, the costs involved with hospital visits can be confusing and overwhelming. Our goal is to help you understand your bill and to assist you with making payments easily.

Below are tools, resources and guidance to navigate the process, know what to expect, and the potential cost so you can avoid surprises. Our online bill payment system makes it easy to manage your expenses and our Patient Finance team is available to answer questions.



Whenever possible, contact your insurance company prior to seeking medical care. Ask your insurance company to:

  • Verify whether pre-authorization is needed for the service you are to receive and whether authorization has been obtained by the service provider.
  • Confirm your co-payment responsibility. Some services, such as Rehabilitation, may require a co-payment for each visit.
  • Confirm that WhidbeyHealth is a participating provider for your plan. This can make a difference in how the insurance company pays your bill. WhidbeyHealth is a Preferred Provider for many insurance companies.
Remember... whenever you have a life-threatening emergency, you should seek appropriate care immediately.

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the emergency.

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WhidbeyHealth accepts most health insurances. A current list of contracted/in-network insurance payers can be found HERE. Please contact your insurance provider if you have questions.

NOTE: Walk-In Clinic visits are billed as office visits, not Emergency Department or Urgent Care services.
Please bring your insurance card, photo ID, list of medications and medical history, if any.


Oak Harbor - 360.279.4580

Bayview Senior Center - 360.678.3373



We have several ways to predict the cost of your services:

  1. Contact your provider for a detailed list of anticipated services, physicals, immunizations, and routine visits.
  2. Access our Price Transparency Estimation Tool - the most current pricing for services and supplies.
  3. To give you the most accurate estimate, we recommend that you contact your provider for a complete line-by-line list of procedures, supplies, and other treatments involved in your care. Once you have the detailed list, contact us at 360.678.7656 ext.4097, or online at Contact Us.


We can help you estimate your costs based on the information we receive from you and is not a guarantee of what you will be charged.

Estimates are primarily for services delivered at WhidbeyHealth Medical Center, for example lab tests, diagnostic imaging procedures and same day surgeries such as colonoscopies and cataract surgeries. To receive cost estimates for items such as physicals, immunizations, and routine clinic visits, please contact your WhidbeyHealth provider.

In many cases it is impossible to predict final charges because of variables that affect your services such as:

  • Length of time spent in surgery or recovery
  • Specific equipment, supplies and medications required
  • Additional tests required by your physician
  • Any unusual special care or unexpected conditions or complications

This estimate does not include any physician charges (e.g. office visit, surgeon, anesthesiologist, emergency room physician, radiologist, pathologist, consulting physicians, etc.).

If you have insurance, your benefits will ultimately determine your portion of the total cost, including deductibles, co-pay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums.



WhidbeyHealth is committed to ensuring our patients get the hospital care they need regardless of ability to pay for that care. You may qualify for free or discounted care based on family size and income, even if you have health insurance. When possible, we encourage you to ask for financial help before receiving medical treatment.

What Is Covered? For emergency and other appropriate hospital-based services, we provide free care and financial assistance/charity care to eligible patients on a sliding-scale basis, with discounts ranging from 50 to 100 percent, after July 1, 2022.

How to Apply: Any patient may apply to receive financial assistance/charity care by submitting an application and providing supporting documentation.

If English is Not Your First Language: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional) KhmerKoreanLaotianRussianSpanishVietnamese

Coverage assistance: You may be eligible for other government and community programs. We can help you learn whether these programs including Medicaid/Apple Health can help cover your medical bills. We can help you apply for these programs.

Payment plans: Any balance for amounts owed by you is due within 30 days. The balance can be paid in any of the following ways: Credit card, payment plan, cash, check or online bill pay. If you need a payment plan, please call the number on your billing statement.

Emergency Care: WhidbeyHealth Medical Center has a dedicated emergency department and provides care for emergency medical conditions (as defined by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act) without discrimination consistent with available capabilities, without regard to whether or not a patient has the ability to pay or is eligible for financial assistance.



WhidbeyHealth and the Washington State Hospital Association want to help you become an informed health care consumer, and a part of that is helping you understand your hospital bill.

Health care billing, including hospital billing, is complicated. Although everyone is charged the same, different insurance plans may mean that patients are responsible for paying different amounts for the service.

That's why it's critical to be sure you have given the right insurance information to the hospital. If you get follow up questions from either your plan or your health care provider, respond as quickly as possible.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about medical bills:

How much do I really owe?

After your insurance company has reviewed your medical bill and paid or denied their portion, the hospital will bill you for your part of the bill. Most insurance plans require patients to pay part of their medical bill. It may take the hospital several months to determine your portion of the charges. If you have any questions about your insurance, please contact your insurance company.

Who will bill my insurance?

If you have given us the correct insurance information, the hospital will be able to bill your insurance company directly.

What if I cannot pay?

We know that an unexpected hospital stay can be a big burden on a family. There are several ways hospitals can help you with your bill, but the first step is to contact the billing office which can work with you on your options. Those options include: Hospital Financial Assistance, Payment Plans, and/or

Why does medical care cost so much?

Hospitals are complex organizations that have to be prepared to respond to any emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means having a well-trained and experienced staff ready to work at all times; it also means having the technology, building, safety equipment, utilities, and back-up utilities to respond to any disaster. Emergency Departments in particular have to be ready to provide complete complex care at a moment's notice, but there are alternatives: Download the Emergency Room Patient Education Brochure here.

Another factor is that hospitals care for patient even when they can't pay. Hospitals must provide stabilizing treatment to any person who comes to the emergency room for care. This is the right thing to do, but the cost is shared by all patients.

Why did I receive a separate lab, doctor, or ambulance bill?

Many doctors, ambulance companies, and labs are separate businesses with their own billing and account procedures. Hospitals generally give the patient insurance billing information to the other providers, but do not perform the billing for them.

Why did I receive a bill from a doctor I did not see?

The hospital sends lab tests and x-rays to specialized doctors for their expert review, and you will receive a bill directly from those doctors for their work.

What if my hospitalization is the result of an accident?

If you had a non-work related accident, we will ask you for information about other insurance, like car insurance. If your accident or illness is work-related, we will bill your employer's worker's compensation program. you must fill out the paperwork they need.


Download our "Understanding Your Medical Bill" brochure HERE.



We welcome your request for a price estimate related to your upcoming treatment at WhidbeyHealth.

Just call the number above to speak to a member of our Patient Financial Services team, who will provide an estimate based on your services and your health insurance provider, including the specifics of your coverage plan.

Here are some helpful tips on Healthcare Finances:

When you get emergency care or get treated by an out-of-network provider at an in-network hospital or ambulatory surgical center, you are protected from surprise billing or balance billing. Patients will be provided the following notice from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner of Washington State: Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills and Balance Billing.

What is 'Surprise Billing' or 'Balance Billing" and when does it happen?


For information regarding the Balance Billing Protection Act - Click Here



If you do not currently have health insurance, we are happy to work with you to find a plan that meets your needs.

To get started, CLICK HERE to access the Washington Health Plan Finder or CLICK HERE to download their mobile app.



Patients are required to pay balances in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Physician office and therapy visit co-pays are required on the date of service. Lack of co-pay payments for any visit may result in rescheduling of the service.
  • Payments may be made using cash, check, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa or Discover are accepted).
  • Extended payment plans are available upon approval with a maximum extension of twelve (12) months and a minimum payment of $50 per month.
  • Delinquent accounts will be referred to a collection agency at which time additional fees will be assessed.

If you are unable to meet these terms, or need help paying your bill, financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

Please contact our Patient Financial Services Office at (360) 678.7656 x4097



No Surprises Act (2022)

WhidbeyHealth is sharing the following information with our patients and community to help protect from surprise billing. As of January 1, 2022 new billing protections are in place for patients receiving:

  • Emergency care
  • Non-emergency care from out-of-network providers at in-network facilities
  • Air ambulance services from out-of-network providers

Also available are the four No Surprises fact sheets: